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“I wish you could know you were in the good old days before you left them.” -Andy Bernard, The Office

Profile themes that I have done: Red Baron, Monolith Character, Marcus Kruber, Cocytus, Ainz Ooal Gown, Lich King, Medivh and a couple more.

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Here is some of my favourite GMod Horror maps.

Runaway: Part 1 :empireskull:

gm_Hide :empirecross:

nh_Tenebris :sealdeal:

:agathacross: :empireskull: :agathacross:
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Halo Reach on PC is a really good buy for the price, It's a decent enough port to have fun with for hours. Other than the obvious controller issues and progression there are a couple of things that impact gameplay and needs to be fixed. While this review might seem on the negative side, It's not really supposed to be. The game is great on its own currently and Ive already been a ton of fun playing it for the past three days. But here are some things that needs a fix.

The XP cap. It's absolutely dreadful that you cant outperform your own best in terms of XP after every game. It also sucks that some people on the enemy team can get the same / if not better for losing depeding on their teamwork XP.

The UI. It needs a bit of a redo, Small things like not being able to see your opponents armor while in the lobby or not seeing the item on your character while you hover over it in the armory is very nit-picky but it was a fun experience seeing peoples combinations of armor up close and sometimes even making fun of them.

Map voting. This NEEDS a return, It's too many times where you get the same map over and over again and you might not want to play that gamemode or so because of it. Please just bring it back, I see no harm in doing so.

While there are more things to be said, There are things they won't change (like the progression system). I hope the dev team sees all of our feedback and I am looking forward to any changes or additions to the game if you decide to do so.

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