Johannes   Rosenheim, Bayern, Germany
bossedit8 aka bosseditor here doing Mario editing and playing for the most time, also doing videos for YouTube and other related things... have a good day! :shantae_smile:

Things about me:
I love doing things relative to Mario, Shantae and other things. I do stuff about my YouTube Channel like recording specific games (mostly Super Mario Bros. X ) and such. I also like to talk to friends if they're talking to me aswell. :shantae_monkey:

With that I wish you a very nice time and happy gaming! :rotty:
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Standing on the very edge of a spiked platform...
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For a game relative to walk around solving puzzles and ways to advance further on into it was for sure a neat concept. I absolutely loved the nice graphics and musical atmosphere to this game. If you recommend ways to explore around, collecting items to advance further with no enemies but certain obstacles to get over and having certain messages that triggers it and such, this is the game for you. Secret areas included.
Rough Laser Elite Oct 15 @ 2:29pm 
hello there
Miguel Sep 22 @ 2:40pm 
333 items in inventory
¡ byteframe 😪 is cozy ! Jul 22 @ 1:32pm 
King Zay May 19 @ 10:18am 
:cocochan2::maple2:Bell-holding Catgirls are the Cutest:chocola3::cocochan3:
+rep is a mega qt :cocochan2:
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