I don't care about technology. I don't care about any of my existing knowledge about it. If I don't start doing art during the next two weeks (due 11/6), I will make permanent changes.

Considered giving myself less time for this as means to get on with it one way or the other.

The General Principle
1. I try to be nice and, according to others, it seems to work. Despite overall being socially inactive, it's certain that I can't have gotten to where I am now otherwise.
2. If you're a newcomer and don't like the general feel, I have no reason to convince you to like it, but generally you won't even notice it.
3. If you don't like what you see in terms of anything associated with my profile, try to ignore it. Typically, finding that requires digging through my profile anyway, so I guess there's no need to worry about it.
Game Info
Current Quests
– beating games 100% (see below)
– beating all GTA games (III, VC, SA, LCS, VCS, IV, TLAD, TBoGT, CTW and V beaten)
– beating all other Rockstar games (Bully, Max Payne series beaten)
– unlocking all achievements in SP Valve games (Half-Life series and Portal beaten)

Completion Achievements
100% Completion
– Riptide GP games

Perfect Completion (all achievements)
– PC GTA games (SP)
– Half-Life series and Portal

Collection Completion
– most PC Rockstar releases (and more), including almost all GTA games
– almost all Valve singleplayer games

My Saves
GTA: VC 100% (Open Limit Adjuster required) []
GTA: SA 100% []
GTA IV 100% []
GTA IV 100% (old) []
GTA: TLAD 100% []
GTA: TBoGT 100% + all gold []
GTA V 100% []
GTA V 100%, all gold + more, not final [] (alt) []
Riptide GP2 100% [] (alt) []
Riptide GP: Renegade 100% [] (alt) []

Random Steam Notes
Mostly intended as a note-to-self, but it may help some of you.
Browser settings break Steam Inventory (+ Market):
Download an extension such as Smart Referrer [] and set an option to something like "send landing URL as referrer", if available. Alternatively, you could add * and * to whitelist. This fix only applies if you used a guide, script, etc. that modifies browser settings (disabling referrer specifically) to enhance privacy.

Off Topic
Next: a dutchie
스크린샷 전시대
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

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