Add me, please. I want more friends to talk with, at least :dr_sad: (currently redirects here)
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Complete Game Collection [] (mostly just games from Steam and GOG)

Current quests:
—beating all games of GTA series (currently at GTA: SFLC; III, VC, SA, IV, TLAD, TBoGT and V beaten)
—beating GTA games 100% ( SA [] beaten) and unlocking all achievements
—beating all Valve games (currently at ???; Half-Life and Portal series beaten)
—beating S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games (currently at Shadow of Chernobyl)
—getting cool posters for my empty wall (currently trying to get GTA posters; V map and IV 'Wanted - Niko Bellic' poster already owned)
—finding good friends (little progress made quantity-wise)

My favourite games I have in my Steam Library:
—Pretty much all Grand Theft Auto games (+ V) and Bully
—DiRT 3
—Rocket League
—most of the Volvo games

My favourite non-Steam games I remember:
—Super Mario franchise
—Monkey Island franchise
—Free Rider (browser game)
—Overwatch (ever since I took a break from the game, it became too difficult, so I stopped playing it)
—many, many old games I can't remember

Honorable mentions:
—GTA Online (it is very nice and I have many good memories playing the game, but it is kind of boring, and the in-game items such as cars and mansions are ridiculously expensive now)
—platformer games (there are many nice ones that I enjoyed playing, but most of them are not very good)

Note: games in the lists aren't sorted in any order. Also, I played so many games in my life that I forgot about lots of them, including some of my favourites. :dr_sad:

Never count on me in a multiplayer game; I'm bad at everything, including games, especially in multiplayer. That's also why I prefer to play the singleplayer ones.

I'm not on social media. Steam is the thing!

And thank you for reading my summary 'till the end, you rock!
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cute dragon btw, cheers lad
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