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Never count on me in a multiplayer game; I'm bad at everything, including games, especially in multiplayer. That's also why I prefer to play the singleplayer ones.

I'm not on social media. Steam is the thing!

And thank you for reading my summary, you rock!
Game Notes
Complete Game Collection [] (mostly just games from Steam and GOG)

Current Quests:
—beating all GTA games (currently at GTA: SFLC; III, VC, SA, IV, TLAD, TBoGT and V beaten)
—beating GTA games 100% ( SA [] beaten) and unlocking all achievements
—beating all Valve games (currently at ???; Half-Life (the PC ones) and Portal series beaten)
—beating S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games (currently at Shadow of Chernobyl)
—beating The Witcher games (currently at TW1)
—beating Crysis
—getting cool posters for my empty wall (currently trying to get GTA posters; V map and IV 'Wanted - Niko Bellic' poster already owned)
—finding good friends

My Favourite Games in my Library:
—Rockstar games
—DiRT 3
—Rocket League
—most of the Volvo games

My Favourite Non-Steam Games I Remember:
—Super Mario franchise
—Monkey Island franchise
—Free Rider (browser game)
—Overwatch (ever since I took a break from the game, it became too difficult, so I stopped playing it)
—many, many old games I can't remember

Honorable Mentions:
—GTA Online (it used to be very nice and I have many good memories playing the game, but it is kind of boring now, and the in-game items such as cars and properties have started being ridiculously expensive only a few years after it launched)
—platformer games (there are many nice ones that I enjoyed playing, but most of them are not very good)

Note: games in the lists aren't sorted in any order. Also, I played so many games in my life that I forgot about lots of them, including some of my favourites. :dr_sad:
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You're welcome. :D
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Cute avatar! Just wanted to say that. Have a good day!
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cute dragon btw, cheers lad
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