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Green Dragon
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It's Me!
A dragon. Also a robotic ball of fluff.
Sometimes a sergal and a fox, too.
I love good company and being nice throughout. Feel free to add me! :p2cube:
I'm also a bit of a Linux noob, but I love it so far. I use Arch btw

Whenever I play Counter-Strike: Source, Global Offensive or Garry's Mod, it most likely means the gamemode is skill surf. I consider myself somewhat speedy, although not really that good, but it's fun and really easy to return to. It doesn't help how the area I can use my mouse in is possibly the worst aspect of my setup, but I suppose I have Super Slav abilities that enable me to use that.
Also, I wanted to map, but Hammer broke twice, so I gave up for now.

Favourite tracks
Imagined Herbal Flows - Floating
Portal OST - Self Esteem Fund
HOME - Resonance
Aphex Twin - Z Twig
Fredrik Nyblom - Katt []
SWØRN - Keep Going
LoveKrafty - The Dark Crooked Tree []
Krosia - Oceanic
...and many more I forgot

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My Saves
GTA III 100% [] (Open Limit Adjuster required)
GTA: VC 100% [] (Open Limit Adjuster required)
GTA: SA 100% []
GTA IV 100% []
GTA IV 100% (old) []
GTA: TLAD 100% []
GTA: TBoGT 100% + all gold []
GTA V 100% []
GTA V 100%+, not final [] (alt) []

Primagen, Protogen, Zenith's Outer Reach Links
Since, for some reason, the species creator has disabled their FurAffinity account and taken the official site down, I compiled every link I found useful if you want to know more about the species or join the official communities.

Website of species creator Cool Koinu (Malice-Risu) []
Official PrimaProto website [] (archived) []
The complete guide of Primagens & Protogens []
Protogen Guide Update []
Protogen trait list []
Steam group
Discord server []
Facebook group []
Other links []

Browser settings break Steam Inventory and Community Market:
Add an extension such as Smart Referrer [] and set an option to something in the lines of "send landing URL as referrer", if available. Alternatively, you could add * and * to whitelist. Additionally, make sure that the browser sends the referrer on all requests in settings. This fix only applies if you modified your browser settings or used extensions to enhance privacy.
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When the game glitches out and becomes a e s t h e t i c
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Vahvoja Miehiä Kaupungilla Jan 12 @ 3:23pm 
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friend-san Jan 9 @ 1:45pm 
self esteem fund is the best song from portal
-.- . -- --- -. --- Jan 7 @ 6:12am 
1967 Camaro 427. This got muscled up even more with a ProCharger, Gibson headers and exhaust and nitrous system. To top it off, we put a fat chrome blower, you got yourself a complete muscle car.
BorbingoBoy Jan 7 @ 6:09am 
Uhh okay
-.- . -- --- -. --- Jan 7 @ 5:59am 
Papapará, pararapapará (Vamo')
Poquito a poco
Papapará, pararapapará
Poquito a poco
Papapará, pararapapará
Poquito a poco
Papapará, pararapapará-rará