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Sandis   Riga, Latvia
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IDenty [identy.lv]
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About me

My name is Sandis, originally Im from Riga, Latvia.
OWNER of Latvian gaming community https://identy.lv .

CS:GO plugin developer, making private/public plugins.

For more information add me on steam. Please leave a comment, why are you adding me, otherwise there is a chance you might not get accepted.

My current biggest open source CS:GO projects/plugins

Basebuilder for CS:GO [forums.alliedmods.net]
Paintball for CS:GO [forums.alliedmods.net]
Capture the flag [forums.alliedmods.net]
Rocket jump remade [forums.alliedmods.net]
Models in map [forums.alliedmods.net]
Player models by flags [forums.alliedmods.net]
CS:GO Duels [forums.alliedmods.net]
BoomPanel [forums.alliedmods.net]


• Sourcepawn (sourcemod plugins for CS:GO)
• Web coding (HTML/CSS/JS/Ajax/jQuery/PHP/Laravel)
• Web design ( Deviantart [boomixlv.deviantart.com])
• Nodejs (trading bots/CS:GO bots/etc)
• React js
• Little bit C# (unity game making)
• CS:GO map making.

Join my community servers

• jb.identy.lv
• am.identy.lv
• pub.identy.lv
✪ feeo oše Jan 21 @ 12:34pm 
Hey, I'm interested in your plugin for basebuilder.
Jake Jan 21 @ 11:09am 
baigais krabis
LvCrispy #nejut Jan 20 @ 10:50am 
accept yo patik tavs tinder video xD
nuxcodex Jan 18 @ 1:17pm 
need some help :((
Lunatic 1Hp Jan 15 @ 12:18am 
added for the basebuilder ball :))
AFL Tonis Jan 12 @ 11:17am 
reason am adding you having issues with BoomPanel and the discord link doesn't work.