Boomfire Games
BoomFire Games   Cordoba, Andalucia, Spain
Who we are

Boomfire Games [] is an independent studio resident in the south of Spain. The team is composed by four members each one specialized one area. The studio was founded in september of 2015 and already released a game for mobile platforms called Kick Or Die favourably received by the players. Our goal is to work every day developing new experiences.

Our current project

The spanish development studio Boomfire Games, has launched Fürwind, a fun platform game with pixel art graphics.

His four members started in autumn of 2016 to develop this title at full time. Since then they have been adding more characteristics getting the classic gameplay of a platform game, but with a very demanded touch of action.

“With Furwind we want players to revive the classic experience of games of our childhood” , says Ignacio, co-founder. “Although the game have pixel art graphics we are not aiming for a totally retro visuals, we are taking care of the graphics creating a world full of detail” , adds Israel, lead artist.

Being in an advanced state of development, Furwind has been launched in Steam Greenlight awaiting to be approved by the community and start his path to PC.
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