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╔═»Mouse: Zowie EC2-A
╔═»Headset: Some MSI SHIT
╔═»Keyboard: CHINESEboard
╔═»Monitor: Asus @144Hz

╔═»Ingame Settings
╔═»Brightness 1.6
╔═»Aspect Ratio 16:9
╔═»Resolution: 1920x1080
╔═»Mouse DPI: 400
╔═»Mouse Sensitivity: 0.6
╔═»Raw Input: On
╔═»Mouse Accerleration: Off
╔═»6/11 Win

against Planetkey Dynamics : "Ach mann wer is Planetkey? @Faceit Minor Championship Qualifier.

ESEA Intermediate S23, 11-0-5 PE
ESEA Main S24 with PE
ESL Open Winter: 5-0-0 / Major League 1-0-0 with PE
99Damage S3: Open 14-0-0 with Polygon Esports
99Damage S4: Div 4 14-0-0 with Polygon Esports
99Damage S6: Div 4 12-0-2 with SFTO
99Damage S8: Div 3 with NBA
99Damage S9: Div 3 with NBA
99Damage S10: Div 3 with NBA
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Dead by Daylight
Wehzy 'ftp May 4 @ 1:46am 
german ISIS syrian fa ggot kys
ru.dick Apr 28 @ 2:25pm 
fryz1916 Apr 25 @ 2:24pm 
obvious cheater, playing in premade, probably carring his friends
Exxotje Apr 23 @ 12:31pm 
signed by ExxoT :steamsalty:
Chlebyn Apr 16 @ 7:06am 
Mechov nejlepší :Heartyou:
_Eliska_ Apr 6 @ 5:47am 
+REP :luv: