Ganny D
gay boy from a gay country   Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
Previous name: Kay Verm or Kaester
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All Pyro wm1 phlog mains are furries, gay and can't aim.

My youtube here. Sub to it or something

I'm in absolute requirement of medical utilities contained into a carrying device known as bag, which are critical to my survival I'm in absolute requisition of utilities and supplies used for medical purposes, which are contained in a two handle device know by the term of "bag" and by using those, i am going to be able to calm the stimulation of my pain receptors and treat my wounds caused by projectiles also known as "bullets" which were fired by the police right to my chest and are causing me to spill the content of my body called "blood" which means that i will be able to stay alive and continue my road of robbery
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pyro is really bad and gay
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well duh
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kinky pfps are kinky
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girls with dings are nice
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no ur a fag