monke ina gocart (og)
I have made a guide on how not be scammed (comments can and may be added)
I'm totally not a blue spy
fun fact: i have a list of scammers that i have pranked
sp = scam pranked s = yet to be pranked
sp: 3
s: 1

what did you expect down here
seriously what did you expect here
links? my credit card number? my bananas?
really just what did you expect?

the best match i played was the match where i was the mvp and had 53 kills with 23 or 24 deaths in one match as spy it was awesome (my space bar broke when i typed this word (i've had this keyboard since last christmas)).

noooo my keyboard
monke ina gocart (og) Apr 18 @ 5:35am 
just to anyone to tries to scam me, I HAVEN'T TRADED IN YEARS, I WILL NOT CLICK THOSE DUMB LINKS, AND ALL I WILL DO IS FLIP YOU OFF, I'm just tired of this stuff
robin bhankes Dec 24, 2023 @ 3:03pm 
monke ina gocart (og) Aug 16, 2023 @ 7:20pm 
glad i managed to out make a password a hacker... it sounds weird but it is true
monke ina gocart (og) May 8, 2023 @ 1:17pm 
i have made a kind of guide to help people not get scammed
monke ina gocart (og) May 8, 2023 @ 12:45pm 
another fun fact for scam protection: most scammers will have a desc on profile that says "I was recently scammed of all my items, I (blah blah blah) friend me if you want" this is a link don't click it, also remember the comments will only have one comment "whatja looking for" or something like this:demoticon:
monke ina gocart (og) Mar 9, 2023 @ 3:41pm 
remember wasting scammers times = less scammed people (unless it is a bot it won't work than)