|Bonesaw| ︻╦芫≡═-
Bonerboy37   Fig Tree, Saint Anne Sandy Point, St. Kitts and Nevis
I like to stroke my own ego and win irrelevant leagues.

My bff's acronym:

B is for Beautiful, a delight to behold
O is for Optimistic, unbeaten by adversity
N is for Nice, a sweet soul
E is for Enchanting, most alluring
S is for Savvy, skilled with know-how
A is for Alluring, so attractive
W is for Worthy, your friendship is a gift
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"why are you clearing traps with your ubersaw?" "because i can't do it with the crossbow"
Blanc (Next White) #LFP-Solly 21 lug, ore 18:21 
Added in regards to today's match. Had to add ya cuz ur team lead isn't responding.
hrtbrkr 5 lug, ore 11:35 
real ones remember when bonesaw was a respected platinum heavy main back when being platinum was somewhat of an accomplishment
VIZIE_X 26 giu, ore 23:21 
uk rappers be like she suck on my willy it’s quite delightful if i catch you in west gloucestershire you’ll catch the rifle
BOPIS Luigi 24 giu, ore 23:02 
bonesaw why have you cumme don my SOCKS
[F][R][O][S][T] 24 giu, ore 22:34 
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