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Michael Bogy Bogaerts   Antwerp, Antwerpen, Belgium
Join my TeamSpeak Server (ts3server://
Read this: :stopping::hydrogen::fluorine::stopping::joystick::tenrow_fourth::happyhero::stopping::lovebubble::tenrow_fourth::joystick::stopping::hydrogen::GIGA::stronk::joystick::fluorine::stopping::redcross::Dizlike_Red::stopping::fk_dice1::joystick::gin_gift::aptkey::Dizlike_Red::stopping::2coins20cent::cozytf2mug::Dizlike_Red::stopping: (Solution later in this text)
BoGy Plays: PUBG (40%) RocketLeague, (40% but quitting), other games (20%).
L4P: I'm looking for players who want to play a Crafting-Survival game like 7 Days to Die, Valheim, or another one that's in my ]library

I've been gaming for over 35 years, so there's a lot of experience; i've seen and had a lot of platforms and adapted to lots of new gametypes over the years. I'm a bit older than most other gamers so excuse me when I don't have super 1337 skillz after playing a game for only 3 times; i've got my age against me: i'm not 16, 26, or hell 36, anymore. Things start to go slower once you're passed you're twenties.. (so enjoy as long as that decade lasts, it's your prime age!)

If you want to add me to your friendslist, make sure you are NOT Steam-level 1 or 0; i will automatically ignore your request if so. Ofcourse don't make friend requests with a complete privated profile; i'd like to know who's asking to become a new 'friend'.

--> Teamspeak extra info: If you have an ipv6-network (which everyone should have by now) you can connect to ts3server://, there are some advantages over ipv4 when using ipv6; I'm not going to explain that here as most won't understand what I'd be saying. If you can't connect to your network is not using ipv6, or your modem/router isn't. In such cases you can always use encapsulation software; I'd rather advise u to ask your ISPs helpdesk for enabling ipv6 for you. You'll most probably get a /48 subnet (281+ trillion ip's) all for your own network, that's 65535 times the full IP4 address space; you could create 65535 times the complete internet as it exists today!

PS: I have lots and lots of games; most of them I haven't yet finished or even played at all. So, of the 4500 games i own, i've ran about 2000 or so. In the more distant past I bought one game at a time. Since like 2012 bundles & packs became more common on the net, so i'm guilty of buying like 5 games for 15 euro's/dollar; especially if in that bundle there's a game that I've been wanting for some time and is worth the price of the whole bundle just by itself. I consider the other 4 games of the bundle as freebies!

PPS: The "Emoji-code" at the start of this text has some meaning to it; this is what i wrote. :stopping:Have Fun:stopping:Game for Pleasure:stopping:Love for Games:stopping:Have Giga-Powerful Gaming-Fun:stopping:Religion (is) Bad:stopping:Gambling (in) Games (with) crates (and) Keys (is) BAD:stopping:Pay(-2-)Win (is) BAD:stopping:

PPPS: The shown Achievements and Badges are among the rarest I have in my collection! So some of them you may never see again... (some of the badges/achieves i have are only reached by 0.01% of the players of that game, which is very rare, that's 1 in 10K players!)
My Daily Driver (Desktop)
BoGy's Main Electronic Typewriter
M edium B oard: Gigabyte ATX Z470 Gaming-X
C hips P otato U nit: Intel i5-10600K @5Ghz
O rganisational S elfie: Windows 10 PRO (Taskbar @RIGHT, If not possible @Win12 then Linux!)
R eady A ggro M emento: 4x Crucial 8GB DDR4 3200 XMP2.0 CL16-18-18-36
G reat P ower U ser: ASUS Radeon RX 6700XT 12GB Dual GamingOC
H igh D ef/ S uper S peedy D uplexer: 500GB nvme-ssd Kingston A2000 @PCIe-Mode
+------------------------------------------ 500GB sata-ssd Samsung 860 EVO
+------------------------------------------ 500GB sata-ssd WD-Red
+------------------------------------------ 1TB sata-hd WD-Black
+------------------------------------------ 2TB sata-hd WD-Black
+------------------------------------------ 3TB sata-hd Toshiba DT01ABA300
&------------------------------------------ >8TB Samba-Storage
ImageVisualiser: LG Ultragear 27GB800-B 27" 1440p 144hz IPS
---------------------- Envision E2271WL 22" LCD
ArrowControl: Logitech G502 RGB
RodentCarpet: Razer Sphex V2 Ultrathin Sticky Mousepad
LetterSmashBoard: Ducky DK9008S3 Azerty-BE on MX-Brown Steroids
ManyConnectorDevice: HP Aruba 2530-48G 48port Managed Gbit Switch (J9775A)
CommsDirectiveAnnouncer: AVM Fritz!Box 7530 Router (+vpnsrv+DECT+...) @500Down/100Up
SystemLivingRoom: Sharkoon VG4-S "BMW-look" ATX Case
PowerConvertorBox: Xilence 650W 80plus-gold
Droids: Samsung Galaxy A51 (2020)
--------- Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 (2017)
--------- Sharp 50BL5EA (Android Smart 4K FarawayVisualizer(TV) (2020))
SoundBoxes: IBM 'IBM345' (analog) 2.1 Speakerset for gaming & general use
----------------- Denon AVR-1509 (Optical) for DTS/Dolby surround & extra loud EDM booms
EarWarmers: Sharkoon Shark-Zone H10 Gaming Headset

BoGy's Universal DataStream Monitoring Tool
Identity: HP Probook 6550b
C hips P otato U nit: Intel Core i5 M-450 2.4Ghz
R eady A ggro M emento: 2x 4GB DDR3 So-DIMM
G reat P ower U ser: Intel IGP
H igh D ef/ D uplexer: Samsung 1TB Sata-HD via USB3.0
O rganisational S elfie:Arch Linux with KDE

Oldest item on my computer: Speakerset (1999 or 2000; 20yrs old & still sounds fantastic good)
Newest item on my computer: RX6700xt & LG Ultraview
Next changes planned: Ram Upgrade (16GB -> 32GB), nvme-SSD (min 1TB), ?


Be like BoGy & quit smoking sticks that are really bad to you. Start vaping instead
of burning cancersticks and layering your lungs with tar and ash-particulates!
Vaping is only 5% damaging of what the olden ciggies do to you. Don't start vaping
just to look cool or for the fun of it, it's still an addiction you're starting.
Favorite Liquids: Bubble Gum (by Flavormonks) & Pink Watermelon (by Aura)
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Also have lots of game-cards and a little collection of Booster Packs (3 random cards). I also have cards which cannot be sold/bought through the marketplace anymore but only traded directly between users. Those cards have this notification right under their title: "This item can no longer be bought or sold on the Community Market because Valve no longer has a business relationship with the developer." Games like Ashbourne, Beast Blaster, Brilliant Bob, Monsti and many others have these types of cards ... so if you have incomplete collections of such games, you might wanna ask me..
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72 ratings
In this guide i'll put some info that most C and GC players will think it's total BS, but I can prove to those players that i'm not mistaking myself here.

I'm a core believer that tactical play (when u play without making mistakes and/or missing shots)
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Boom Boom sniperroom ... got all the kills with SKS and a 4x ... why did i even pick up an AR? :) gonna do some eating now :)
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As much as i enjoyed the first Ori game am I now enjoying the second part.

Everything that was said about the original Quadriple A platformer game from MOON studios, can also be said about the Will of the Wisps.

Great story, great graphics, fantastic soundscore, perfect handling, superb gameplay... I just can't find anything bad about these two games... The first game left such a big impression on me that after 8 years I immediately remembered what all happened "before" during the introduction of the new story.

If I had to chose a "benchmark" for platformer games, then without any doubt i'd say that the Ori games are by a landslide the best games to perform this task flawlessly.

The only regret i have is that I waited such a long time before picking up the second game... But that's what you get with a Steam backlog that's literally thousands of games big!

If you like platformer games, then this game is a direct hit on your joy-synapses; you'll never regret buying this game...

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**BULL1T** Sep 15 @ 2:05am 
+rep best teammate
Temezir Aug 10 @ 4:29pm 
they really wanted me to carry them and when i declined from doing that they suddenly accused me of being a carried player lol
Skylo Jun 12 @ 3:48pm 
Could you accept my friend request?
@wilfred jones: eermz .. dia 2? let's see when u hit my age, what level you'd be able to get at ... lol btw; I'm only DIA2 cuz i play with people from all ranks, but i've been champ 2 multiple times too... can't help that always randoming gives me tm's that don't have what it takes to play without a GC that's carrying them... A lot of them are actually gold or platinum level, and i'm not a carrier, on the contrary..
Meaty_Loferson May 14 @ 7:07pm 
+rep But I don't know dutch
Binka Nov 29, 2022 @ 4:04pm 
these beats in your stream were awesome! i just popped in to say ty for the rl guides :happy_yeti: