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Welcome dear friend!

If you're here cause you got destroyed, dont worry... im not cheating, im just better then you, dont mind it wish you more luck next time x) !!!ATTENTION!!! Dont even read the rest of my Biography i wrote down here, you wont even want to do a single thing standing there xd !!!ATTENTION!!!

If you're here to check out my profile, do that i wish u much fun. Hope u get the answer what you're looking for ?!

And if you just want to add me as friend, to play together or to trade or just for having fun with me (? xd) click , spam the "add friend" button :)
I wont accept Steam accounts beneath level 2, otherwise you need to confirm yourself to be a good guy and not a scamming scumbag like everyone else i accepted before...

So well, now thats the most information from myself you need to know, now its your turn, you decide what to do.

Keep it up, have a nice day :)

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-rep cheats
Φ Kurwa ∩ Power ₪ Oct 22 @ 12:12pm 
signed by one of the unknown azis fans :d
+rep nice and friendly guy :)
Ruffy Sep 18 @ 10:03am 
- only prefire -> wh