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A few things before I begin; I would describe my experience with this game as negative but it is my hope that Cibele will have a positive impact on the medium of video games. A review marked as 'negative' probably wouldn't help this game reach any kind of success, so for the sake of trying to be helpful I'll settle with the blue thumb. I wouldn't recommend this game to anyone I didn't know personally or anyone at all really.

I don't feel great recommending anything to anyone but I can confidently say that if you don't see any value in games as an artform then there's probably nothing here for you. If you do however, you might derive some enjoying in seeing what Cibele has to offer. Whether or not you'll walk away from it positively or negatively is unknown to me.


Cibele follows the age old rule of three rather strictly; there are three different sections of gameplay, the story is told in three different acts and the bosses go down after the third time you fight them.

The first of these is the virtual desktop of Nina, the protagonist. It's littered with folders filled with various pictures and documents of a personal nature. I often felt a sense of voyeurism, and sometimes dread, looking through Nina's files. The content isn't graphic or even scandalous. Quite the opposite actually. It's a mix of selfies, poetry, photography, chat logs and archives of old blog posts. Some might call it "cringy" but this isn't where my problems lie. My issues stem from those last two items, the chatlogs and blog posts. The awkward ramblings of a teenage girl resonate with me more than I'd like to assume. I'm not one to look back fondly on the things I've said, made or done. Seeing bits of myself and the way I used to think and express myself online in these files brought on a feeling that most would describe as disgust. I didn't like looking at them.

These do not need to be opened or looked at to progress but they provide a nice amount of context to the kind of person Nina is and was. These files also fill in the gaps between the time skips that occur throughout the story.

The second third is the MMO game-within-a-game you play called Valtameri. It's definitely the most "game-y" of the three parts of Cibele and, unfortunately, it isn't very good. But that's not the purpose of it. Valtameri is an almost insulting distillation of what MMO gameplay eventually becomes, a means to socialize with other people. A virtual space to hangout in. Valtameri is a crude facsimile of one half of the MMO experience, actually playing the game. Its actually kind of hard to believe that anyone could enjoy actually playing this game due to it's lack of depth or substance.

It does convey its point rather effectively though. It's the method by which Nina and her object of desire, Blake, interact and speak to each other through. These portions mostly focus on the social aspect of MMOs as the true focus is not the game but the conversations being had, both text and actual voiced dialogue. It's an aspect of these kinds of games I'm turned off by. I played over 50 hours of TERA recently on the least populated server in an attempt to isolate myself from anyone else who might be playing. There was once a time when I embraced and enjoyed the social features of an MMO and the idle chatter in these portions felt oh so familiar. These are fond memories mind you, but I experienced them with people whose names I hardly remember. I don't really like thinking about these sorts of things.

The third and final side of Cibele are the FMV cutscenes. Most of them are short, interstitial videos that bridge the gap between acts but there are a couple of longer scenes that add to the story. They do a good enough job of establishing the mood and vibe in the moments following and preceding the acts. The quality is a bit... poor but I think they're shot and framed rather well.

At this point I hope I've made it clear that I didn't have a great time with Cibele. Most of this negativity is from my own personal experiences and how I view them now. Obviously your mileage may vary for a lot of the content but even in the case of the things Cibele does that you can look at objectively I have a hard time justifying them as anything other than decent at best.

Despite my distaste for it, I can recognize and appreciate the risks it takes. The autobiographical nature of the story is something that is not often seen in games. When it is, it's usually in games that are available for free and distributed by more personal means. The fact that Cibele is something you can buy with actual money on a rather large distribution platform with such high visibility fills me with a bit of hope. A hope that games of such a personal nature can reach an audience and experience some modicum of success and a hope that it will eventually inspire someone to create something greater. I don't like this game very much but I'm very glad it exists.

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