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Destiny or Fate is a mixture of two popular genres: deck-building games and roguelikes.

You start with picking a hero. There are fifteen available, which you unlock in next to no time, each offering a unique play style. Each of these come with their own strengths and weakness and also have a different set of starting cards. Becoming familiar with this information will aid in how you develop your strategy for a given run.
When you win a battle you may pick one of the defeated monsters to join your team


More than 15 different heroes with unique abilities.
More than 150 cards for heroes and monsters.
More than 100 types of monsters.
5 chapters that are different every time you play.
An increasing number of heroes and cards as the rounds progress.
The ability to capture all monsters (except bosses) to add as companions in battle.

The game has got beautiful artwork of the characters, monsters, and background and a littlemonotonous
music. In current state Destiny or Fate is a polished game. I encountered NO BUGS and the game did not crash in many hours of gameplay. In earlier versions of the game, this was a problem, mentioned in other reviews.

If you enjoy roguelike titles combined with the fun of deck-building this is your game. Destiny or Fate is set within a fantasy world, this roguelike deck-building adventure has plenty to get excited about. Price is cheap! (about 7$, it was free for 24h)
If you liked SLAY THE SPIRE , you will like this one here too. It is a bit similar and bit different. I recommend this game for fans of RPG and deck-building games/roguelikes.
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