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I've just found out that the profile below has been impersonating me... Please go report it if you can, this makes me extremely worried.

Hey, Name's Irixue, people mostly call me Blue, for a few reasons. I'm a hypernerd with a passion for space and science fiction, I have nothing better to do with my life than study and play steam games, and I'm a relatively open and friendly person. Though if you'd like to add me please comment why first. My Discord is Irixue#8058, And my twitter is simply @Irixue.

Keep in mind that I do not trust private accounts or accounts with any kind of VAC ban, I will ignore said accounts, ESPECIALLY if they want something to do with trading.


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Ew to the minds of the people who created these 3 fantastic game characters -

Exominem Apr 14 @ 7:04pm 
+rep furry
Hazel Apr 14 @ 6:44pm 
ew human
Exominem Apr 14 @ 4:42pm 
ew furry
Billy Mcscoots Mar 25 @ 11:29pm 
i thought you got the ref im sorry in advance when im online tomorrow ill give you the 3 ref i owe ya
🎃BaNditos🎃 №757 Mar 25 @ 8:53pm 
Added for trade