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Voice actor in training and ALWAYS gaming! :stars:

I don't like Steam chat so I won't reply to IM's. Sorry~ :Sadclot:
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Hey I'm Bluecario and welcome to my steam profile! :papyrus: If you're a regular from my videos or streams let me know who you are and then feel free to send and invite! Just keep in mind I'm really not a fan of Steam chat so please don't take it personally if I don't respond to your messages.

▼▲▼▬▬▬▬▬▬▼ ▲▼

For those not familiar with me, hey I'm another one of those people who does thing around the internet. :GoldenPoo: I do Let's Plays and the like over on YouTube as well as some regular streaming over on Twitch []
I play all sorts of stuff so maybe I'll be doing something you would be interested in watching~ Also Chrono Trigger is the greatest game ever made and I think Lucario is super rad. :pizzaslice:

I :8bitheart: Butts.
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Created by - crismorales and albert
This mod is an across-the-board HD revision of the textures of the game, while respecting the look, tone, and intent of the originals.

Wherever possible we are using the real-life locations where the original textures were sourced. While still in progre
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One cannot begin to explain, the glory that is unearthed. People always ask for Uncharted on other consoles but my friend we do not require such dribble on this platform for we already have gold. The graphics are noty compariable to those of the triple a titles within the uncharted series and not only do we get the same preformance in control and cinematic quality we get something more.

This game is the crowning avhiecement of the indie industry and I have never played anything more fantastic. Boy can I not wait until the next chapter in this great tale.
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MikaruNoel Mar 14 @ 2:37pm 
Hey Blue.

Every now and then I find myself thinking about you and everyone. It hurts Blue.
I may haven't been in contact a lot anymore with you, but I did still follow you all and do care.

Be it here, tumblr or twitter... I miss you. Your funny giggles, the tweets about you playing Chrono Trigger and fanboying over your favorite games in general, or your tweets about your cat, One Piece, Pokemon or your speed runs. I don't have anyone to talk with about this... It hurts...

I really hope, wherever your soul may be... I hope it found peace. Rest in peace Blue.
Konuro Silver Sep 15, 2018 @ 2:18pm 
I don't want to believe that you are gone....
Orangeberry Aug 16, 2018 @ 5:14pm 
You were definitely one of a kind, Ian. Knowing you was a blessing and I wish you were still here so I could tell you how special you were to me regardless of the lack of communitcation. You were a joy to be around and to talk to. I miss you so god damn much and I love you. I felt you today, at least I hope. Thank you for visiting me like you've wanted to. I just wish it was face to face. Rest in peace, my dear friend. :UDG_Heart:
Sparkle Aug 16, 2018 @ 12:51am 
You had so many dreams, so many passions, and I wish there was a way to give you another chance at those. You were always making people smile, and a lot of fun to be around. I'll never forget the years we spent as friends, both in person, and online. Having adventures together in games, watching anime, and enjoying food. You have a good heart. You always meant well to others, and tried your absolute best in everything you did. The marks you've made will always remain in our hearts. Rest in peace Ian. I hope to see you again on the other side some day. .-.
Deyna Aug 15, 2018 @ 11:26pm 
Rest in peace

May your legacy live on.
AestheticGamer Aug 15, 2018 @ 3:38pm 
Ian, I'll always love you. You were one of my closest friends, and I'm going to miss you. I wish you were still with us, and I'm happy to have been your friend.