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Posted: Sep 19 @ 4:25am
Updated: Sep 21 @ 4:41am

The first release version of this game was the best, with every update they just made things worse.

While on the surface the melee system seems very solid, "elite" players have found ways of using the system that exploit its weaknesses, to render their own animations near invisible for example. With the playerbase drying up that means Mordhau has become a very dry and abstract game that doesn't feel like the involved medieval melee that it was upon first release. In practice this means most of the game revolves around holding the S button now, in particular in the new ranked duel game mode. Another side effect of it is general bad sport behavior, on casual and ranked.

While there are a lot of available weapons, only a select few of them are a viable choice in the environment that Mordhau has become, this means that most of the weapons available in the armory might as well not be there at all. The balancing worked great at launch where a lot of people, good and bad at the game, tried out all sorts of equipment combinations and the experience was colorful but that is no longer the case now the community has identified the equipment and strategy that gives them the most unfair advantage over the other player. People go as far as using thrown weapons and rapier/shield/dodge combination in ranked duel mode. Performance has steadily dropped over the course of patching too.

Save your money for bannerlord, whatever charm Mordhau had is gone now.
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