Best Bunny ♠❄
I change my name a lot. Nickname me.

speedy boi ♠ - despite what you say about yourself, you're one of the smartest and most interesting people I know.
dumb cracker - thanks for being here for me and letting me be there for you. let's make more games to cause more lulz.
seph, an hero - I celebrate your death because I'm sure that's what you'd want. You wouldn't want me to mourn you because that's what pussies do. RIP in peace, faggot 12/07/17
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True Neutral \ INTJ-A \ Aries \ 20 \ F \ Pansexual \ In a relationship \ Gun-toting libtard SJW

I like programming and making maps in Source. There are a couple (bad) games that I've made, too. Human anatomy & physiology and psychology are my jam because I'm studying healthcare, and I can tutor them so hmu if you need help with them.

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Firebug Aug 11 @ 6:39am 
Double best bun
SilverBehemoth Aug 10 @ 6:43pm 
more like smelly bunny. :fhappy:
Yoq Aug 10 @ 5:08am 
haha fuc you now is in censor
StockPiston Aug 8 @ 7:22pm 
u is ur profile low key rapey
Zenta Aug 3 @ 1:02pm 
cause cute bun bun