Bill   Chicago, Illinois, United States
Very long time Valve gammer, WON anyone? Early 08 became a SourceOP regular, former site and server Admin. (where the majority of my friends are from) Ended up a volunteer with SteamRep. My favorite color is BLU but I try to always play on RED. My play hours are off by about 2K in TF2 (item farming) 1.5K in DOTA2 (spectating tournaments) 150 in original H1Z1 (farming event tickets) 100 in CSGO (spectating tournaments) Most games under 20h of playtime were for card farming.

blowbutane art msn dota com
I currently play these multiplayers:
Alien Swarm; Altitude; Bioshock2; Borderlands2; CS:GO; DOTA2; Killing Floor2; L4D2; Starcraft2.

Games started and yet complete:
Bioshock2; Fallout3-FalloutNewVegas; ZombieDriverHD; Trine; HardReset; AYIM; Metro2033 and OrcsMustDie.

Recently completed game(s): Borderlands, Borderlands 2
Current backlog game working on: Borderlands Pre-Sequel

2021 TBA         2020 Borderlands 2     
2019 Dota2        2018 Dota2            
2017 Dota2        2016 Dota2        
2015 H1Z1(original)    2014 CS:GO
2013 Minecraft       2012 Dota2/CS:GO            
2011 L4D2         2010 Borderlands/Starcraft2 WoL.           
2009 TF2         2008 TF2    
2007 Bioshock/Orange Box 2006 CS:S 
2005 DoD/DoD:S       2004 HL2
Prev......Starcraft/Brood War, HL/CS/TF, Descent1-2, GTA:3-Vice, Sims.

3+ time GOTY +no longer eligible for GOTY
TF2, Dota2.
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i'll admit i was too hard on you, but you gotta work on that positioning man
Gower 2020년 11월 27일 오전 11시 07분 
Hey there, just wandered by. If you haven't heard Saliens is abandonded. The new Steam Group is: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/SeasonalSteamEvents - you can even read my official comment on the Saliens Steam page. Oh and if you know anyone that were a part of it, please tell them to join the new one! Cheers :hugs:
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Added about a question with SourceOP
apollothelion 2019년 6월 11일 오후 3시 08분 
ur my issue, don't fricken move my server nerd