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So i had a quest to review a game for the 2019 Steam Summer Sale, so i picked this. Now i will say, i played this game when it released to steam fully a while ago, and really didnt touch it much after my time i set back then, which is the hours i have on it right now. If anything in this review is wildly off, or has been changed dramatically to warrant this review being considered invalid, please leave a comment explaining what has changed since then.

Game is very fun as a free 2 play hack n slash w/ loot get and the obvious MMORPG experience. However quests are bare, and pretty much exclusively feature the objective of said quest to talk to someone, sometimes the same person that gave you that quests, resulting in constant xp gain (sometimes by mashing the enter key) creating what feels like empty leveling. And even if you payed attention to the dialogue said in the "quest conversations", they are accompanied by rather lack luster animations and expressions by the characters (pretty sure they use like one or two stock or set animations for everything.) The story doesnt have much in terms of branching paths unless u wanted to explore everything side-quest wise in each area, but typically those dont unlock anything special.

Being a F2P MMO, this game features a lot of cosmetic stuff, ranging from your outfit and housing, to even little trinkets in the game like instruments that let you create real sheet music and play real stuff in game. Honestly something i find to be quite revolutionary. That being said, a lot of this is very much coming out of the players pocket. Personally it's not stuff that's pushed into your face too much so its a pass for me. Gotta make money somehow.

Combat is pretty basic, and sometimes brain dead. But lemme tell you, if there's one thing that frustrates me about this game. Here it is.
So main story is fairly easy, you don't really die that much unless u make dumb mistakes. But late/post game is where the fun is supposed to happen. You start fighting big bosses that grant extremely rare loot, like armor sets or weapons or something cosmetic. But the way they lock(ed?) these bosses as a progression system really killed my want to play the game. Basically, after [SPOILER INCOMING] you beat the game's main storyline with the demon invasion and where Joddy dies, where you should be level 50 <<<that, you unlock a new area of the game which starts your new post game adventure to the ultimate grind of what you wanna get that an MMORPG should have. However to keep people going on a "right track", they have a system called Gear Score, which determines if your armor and weapon are strong enough to enter dungeons of certain difficulties. Now on paper this is a very neat idea to restrict people besides basic levels and what not. But the problem is you only unlock one or two dungeons at a time... but its how RNG heavy it is. Late game, you are doing nothing but grinding for a single Epic Tier weapon or item that is usable by your class. And you can only run dungeons for rewards a certain amount of times a week. And the chance of you picking something good up is verryyyy low. So either you use something you picked up that just isnt for your class and trade it to someone for the one you need, OR if youre unlucky like me, buy the item for ingame gold. Thats upsetting, that on top of making the progression locked behind RNG, and bad rng at that, they even have a dumb shortcut.
if you thought that was bad, back when i played this (and idk if this is still in the game) I had to use an EXPLOIT just so I could progress without waiting weeks or wasting all my money on one weapon and grinding that I wouldnt even use forever. An exploit that allowed you to enter a dungeon with items like this Ninja star that basically MegaBuffed your GS, allowing you access, and then being able to remove it and wearing your normal gear for your abilities. AND THE WORST is that, the bosses wouldnt be difficult, despite you entering a dungeon where you are clearly unprepared. I was able to play my Knight girl who basically ran simple armor and weapons with below-average GS, and beat the boss all the same. Again, IDK if this is still a thing in the game, but if it is, and you really wanna experience the content like DUngeons and Bosses, i recommend using this exploit instead or grinding weeks for one weapon. You'll thank me.

If you can sit here and complain about all of this stuff about the game, do you at least have something good to say? The game is very cool customization wise, and based on my Discord and Steam feed, they have pumped some kind of updates out recently, thought looking at recent forum posts, it seems the game is dying very quickly, and the community seems to be devolving into a lot of circle jerking of "game ded pls fix" comments. also chicks are T H I C C .

Overall when I did play this game with my 4 other friends, i had fun, but they left after the main story was finished, and after i hit the post game wall and eventually got bored, i left too. It entertained me for the time i played it, but it didnt really pull me in enough to keep me. Based on that experience, I give the game a 5.5/10. I still dont recommend very much, but its free so try it i guess.

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