Klaaru   United States
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just a stupid protogen doin stuff online
i have no memory of anything further than 10 minutes ago

just call me twig, or klaaru, either one works
hobbyist modeller
l4d modder (not a good one lol)
pretty noticeable memory issues (osdd)
i don't pretend to be someone else online, i am who i am

i do clean out my friends list from time to time on all platforms
if you're suddenly removed it's likely because we didn't play or talk with each other a lot

go to my website [] if you wanna know more about me
or need to contact me on another platform
heavy tf2
peppino pizza tower
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"Okay. If I.. if I chop you up in a meat grinder, and the only thing that comes out that's left of you is your eyeball, you're probably dead!" -Jerma985 Look, a real Jerma model! It's 3D! This is just a quick and dirty port I did because I saw the model ov
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I dropped a brick on a tripwire when trying to throw it over safely.

10/10 would buy again.
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Cyaninja May 1 @ 3:10pm 
thinking i could use more friends
Chronova Apr 11 @ 12:58pm 
stinky proot (derrogatory, affectionate)
Spicy_Jam Feb 22 @ 7:27am 
Not sure whether to add a comment for the friend request or not. Adding anyway
Nuclear Powered Protogen Feb 5 @ 3:36pm 
based protogen and beta l4d enjoyer
SkirmishMash Jan 11 @ 2:08pm 
do you suck suckness or do you pee peeness
Fight Songs Dec 31, 2023 @ 4:57pm 
adding bc we're both friends of pocky :3