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Humble Beginnings

Finish the Tutorial
Unlocked Sep 25 @ 11:24pm

Filled To The Brim

Carry at least 20 items while not being overburdened.
Unlocked Sep 26 @ 12:56am

Hero of Saba

Finish Chapter 1

Friends in High Places

Finish Chapter 2

Cities of Stone

Finish Chapter 3

Colonies of Rome

Finish Chapter 4

Returning Home

Finish Chapter 5

Dromedary Breeder

Have at least 6 dromedaries in your caravan.

Horse Lord

Have at least 6 horses in your caravan.

Spice Girls

Have a Trader, Rogue, Sage, Scout and Mercenary, each female, while carrying 5 spices.

Noahs Caravan

Own 2 animals of each kind.

Three Wise Men

Have 3 male heroes, while carrying gold, myrrh and frankincense.


Have one hero of each profession in your caravan.


Have three heroes of the same profession in your caravan.