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Posted: Sep 26 @ 1:33am

This game has good intentions but feels like it fails to achieve what it's setting out to do because it's let down by some really poor game mechanic design choices. For example, there is no real way of being prepared for combat. It's blind luck as to whether the opponent you come across is level 2 or level 4, the only way you'll find out is by clicking on their icon. Once you have selected to investigate their icon, you are locked into a fight with them, with no chance to retreat, and you can't even use your potions in the screen prior to the battle, which would at least give you some strategic chance of defeating an enemy that out-levels you. That makes for a very frustrating game. Added to this is the fact that the trading mechanics are completely pointless, as you can see on the overmap all the prices for goods in other cities, meaning it's simply a matter of buying cheap in one city and trekking over to another one where it's expensive.

I've only put 2.5 hours into this game, so I've only played a small part of the map, but these are fundamental design flaws, imo, that keep me from enjoying this as a game. The game actively works to rob you of your strategic influence on outcomes.
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