im that guy, you know what i mean
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things that make me laugh
mongolian movement : i am petty sure u haveh acks on

*DEAD* RussMig : revemge betch

*DEAD* boulevard of broken memes : demo youre a bit of a cunt

closed captions : Hrrrrnnggh Colonel, I'm trying to sneak around but I'm dummy thicc and the clap from my ass cheeks keeps alerting the guards

helo spaghetti : im sorry
Bronze V fancy bear : 890zirfh089S(_OFDH jnaw

Bronze V fancy bear : YOU FUCKIN COCK

*DEAD* Bronze V fancy bear : PYRO
*DEAD* Bronze V fancy bear : YOU FUCKING DICK

TrueBlueBlood:yeah im pretty fat

AitchJee : i already hate black people

Val: i got did it to

Domdom : slap mz nut

*DEAD* thmaskhtmask : YO NIGGER
*DEAD* thmaskhtmask : I WANT EAT YO NIGGER
*DEAD* thmaskhtmask : SEXY NIGGER
*DEAD* thmaskhtmask : AHH

Project_X: friday is the day
Project_X: when i ♥♥♥♥ ur dad
Project_X: i mean mom

Charmin Ultra Soft : yo what gaming chair are you using?
*DEAD* Catalyst : fucking masturbaiter

*DEAD* Dynamic : what the nigg

*DEAD*(TEAM) joker boy demon : TELE AROUND CAR

sheriff weebmarck : faggot coward

Harosilik : spam the nigga war

sheriff weebmarck : say the nigger word

Juan The Panda : kys nigger

*DEAD*Juan The Panda: faggot

im mentally ill : nigger nigger ur mom triggered

im mentally ill : i dip my oreos in your moms pussy

im mentally ill : i put my dick in a bag of doritos and made this nigga bitch suck the dust off the tip

The_atom_bomb : suck a fart outta my ass with those random crits

【Shitpostradamus】 : how do you use that shotgun without feeling like a faggot

The_atom_bomb : suck a fart outta my ass you sore anal cavity

KINGTGB : spaghetti you fuck


*DEAD* Kimeemaru : why are you all twink lookin ass scouts can u not

*DEAD* Mr. Obama : lol fagoor
*DEAD* Mr. Obama : fagooot

*DEAD* Fillimus : Spaghetti kys

medic and demo main : WHY ME YOU SNIPER FUCKLORD

medic and demo main : nigger

medic and demo main : nigger nigger nigger

*DEAD* Professional Lime Sucker : fuck oiff

Professional Lime Sucker : spaghetti you have to be the biggest faggot ive ever met

Professional Lime Sucker : KYS

Professional Lime Sucker : how much of a fucking faggot do you have to be to act good? with a fucking phlog

spaghetti (109,745) got 2 points for killing Professional Lime Sucker (1,626)
Professional Lime Sucker left the game (Disconnect by user.)
sand spaghetti : LOL
sand spaghetti : BYE

spaghetti : type quit trade_bug in console
spaghetti : then you can trade
Mr. Headcrab left the game (Disconnect by user.)
spaghetti : LOL
spaghetti : LATER

dragon808tr : its a gay nigger

imma fuck these hoes, im on 730 : Call me a farmer from the 1800s, cause I'm straight up owning you nigga.

*DEAD* Cray The Crazy train : when you pull out but then she says 'my turn' and grabs the cactus plant

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i got did it to
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