Blanc (Next White)
Blanc (Next White)   Calgary, Alberta, Canada
I'll show you the power of the Next Gen. :BBeldrid:

Rules when adding me:
:ReviveIcon: You are more than welcome to add me, but please give me a reason why you added me in the comments. Nothing personal m9, but that's just a precaution. However, if I met you in game, if you're from RXG (reflex-gamers) or you are a friendly weeb, you don't need to do so. That’s your freebie :-)
:virus_angry: I have ZERO tolerance for racism. DO NOT throw any racist words or slurs. I understand people become toxic occassionally (we all do, no need to be ashamed), but don't be constantly getting furious for ten minutes non-stop. Take a deep breath and relax.
:insincere_health: Your profile must be at Level 3 or higher. I recommend leveling up to 10 or higher, but Level 3 is the minimum for acceptance. Having Level 10+ makes you look more trustworthy tho. I don't accept private or VAC'd profiles. Sometimes I'll make exceptions.
:memorandum: Please don't try to scam me. I know what scamming is and I study it. If you try to scam me, expect to see a clean report on Steamrep against you.
:xcom2ranger: I'm proud to be a weeb! Don't come here to express your distaste of anime. If you don't like anime, learn to ignore it and move along.

Reasons I will remove you:
:virus_angry: Racism or massively excessive toxicity that can't be controlled anymore.
:steambored: Inactive for 100+ days. After sixty days, I'll ask why you've disappeared. I'll give ya forty more days to respond or I remove you when time's up. I don't like when people go inactive for extremely looooong periods of time, but I understand we have personal agendas to deal with.
:virus_suprised: Sending me explicitly inappropriate or phishing links. Results in instant removal and possible blocking!
:virus_angry: Threatening my homies. Don't try to, I will retaliate viciously if you do.
:virus_angry: Ranting against weebs.
:blackbox: Inappropriate name or pic. I’ll kindly ask you to change it; I’ll otherwise remove you should you refuse.
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Now, I'll show my true power!!
And so I say...
Awesome psi-homies :-D :steamhappy:
:SpeedEmoticon: Chrono/IM Pr (My golden love)
:SpeedEmoticon: [LDS] Whoopknacker (My battle bro)
:SpeedEmoticon: Dokfur
:SpeedEmoticon: Goldencompass
:SpeedEmoticon: Shiro
:SpeedEmoticon: Filia (Retro)
:SpeedEmoticon: Zep-Nep
:SpeedEmoticon: FriendlyEz8
:SpeedEmoticon: Mary ♡
:SpeedEmoticon: Astragazer
:SpeedEmoticon: Sgt Snips
:SpeedEmoticon: Teto Kasane
:SpeedEmoticon: rxg | Pandora/Plutie
:SpeedEmoticon: EarthChan/NepNep (・ω<)☆
:SpeedEmoticon: Nepgear
:SpeedEmoticon: Mr Chef
:SpeedEmoticon: Mailmare Seasonals
:SpeedEmoticon: Arayh

I love these guys, they're awesome to hang out with. Be friendly to them or face the consequences!

And so, I X-plain my backstory...
I'll show you the power of Next Gen.... :BBeldrid:

I'm just a proud weeb and battle-hardened warrior making SFM artwork for friends. I'm always taking ideas for making artwork, even if your ideas are not the best, anything is accepted. Feel free to request SFM when you want it. For those of you who know me as Kurome, yes it's still me.

I will never ask you to pay anything when I make SFM artwork for you. IT'S ALL FREE :-D

• Online – Ready to rock.
• In-game – Pretty self-explanitory it is.
• Away – Outta da house or a special agenda.
• Busy – Attending class or at work.
• Offline – Dealing with other agendas or resting.

• Online/In-game – Also self-explanatory.
• Idle – Outta da house or a special agenda.
• Do not disturb – Attending class or at work
• Offline – Dealing with other agendas or resting.

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Discord tag: Blanc (Next White)#7610

My themes:
Dion Timmer – Panic (My main theme)
Razihel – Skybreaker
Pegboard Nerds – Hero (feat. Elizavita) (Teminite remix)
Pegboard Nerds – Self Destruct
Kasbo – Again

Q1: Your favorite music type(s)?
A: My most fav is Dubstep, but I also like future bass, trap, glitch hop and drumstep.

Q2: Favorite artist?
A: It's Razihel , he's so awesome. :-D

Q3: Your dream skin?
A: For TF2, it would be a Strange Jazzy Reserve Shooter, cuz I like airshooting. For CSGO, it's a StatTrak AWP Oni Taiji.

Q4: Your competitive ranks?
A: I haven't taken the time to play competitive in CSGO or TF2, so I have no rank. My competitive Rocket League rank is Silver I (3v3).

• If you’re not gonna open crates just sitting there in your inventory, I recommend deleting them. It saves a lot of space and time.
• Always watch your six for Spies; I can’t stop emphasizing this crucial tip!
• Fight your enemies on your turf; not theirs.
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Heh %-) :UT2004flak:
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Added cause of Friendly Weeb status. :vanilla:
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Weeb power is the strongest force in the universe.
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I'll finish it with THIS! :FARREACH: