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Early Access Review
A faithful recreation of Descent with VR to boot.

I'd played the demo a while back and was eagerly awaiting this to launch on early access. Now that it has I'm quite happy with what I see so far. As with anything you jump on board with this early it's lacking content but the game itself seems quite polished.

So what's the bad? Mouse sensitivity was way too extreme for me, I had to set it all the way down to get anything remotely playable. Was glad to see my expected keyboard/mouse binds were all in the familiar places though.

What's the good? Holy hell was the the intense VR experience that 10 year old me dreamed of when he heard the original Descent had VR back in the 90s. Explosions in your face, rockets and lazers flying everywhere. It's epic! I was afraid I would get mad motion sickness from it but I pulled up reasonably well. Not for those susceptable to VR sickness though.

Overall this is one I'll be watching closely throughout it's early access period waiting for a full campaign to land.
Posted March 13, 2017. Last edited March 25, 2017.
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Silky smooth and polished arena FPS. If you ever spent countless hours in Quake or Unreal Tournament you're going love this.
Posted March 11, 2017.
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Stellaris is truly one of the most accessible and well thought out space 4X games I have played. The blend of the four X's with the traditional Paradox grand strategy flare makes for a game I'm going to invest many, many nights in.

I'm yet to see how the end game plays out so hopefully that's just as good!
Posted May 10, 2016.
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