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Personal Achievements

Wake up, Nora

Start a new game

The Library

Enter the first library

Where am I?

Wake up in the Institute

Welcome to Hakavik

Exit the Institute and enter the city

The Crossing

Cross the canal with the train

Falling in Eternity

Enter the library for the last time

Close to the sun

Reach the forest

Hanging Boats

Enter the chapel

Lets break things

Pickup the Pickaxe

Moving led

Pickup the Pistol


Pick up the SMG

Twelve AM

Pickup the Shotgun

A little bit closer

Pickup the Rifle

The end is the end is the end is the end is the end


A human voice

Pickup the Radio

I will never forget this

Place Brents photo on his wifes grave

Unforseen consequences

Interact with a PC in the office


Find the Hiveball in the Apartment

Forward planning

Find the hidden key

Reviving the GDR

Schubling – Zeitmaschine

The hard way

Complete the game in hardcore mode

Power doesn't reside in the barrel of my gun

Complete the game without firing a single shot from any weapons (The axe is allowed).

Shipshape and Shiny

Finish the game without taking any damage at all.


Collect all notes in the game