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Pahul - Northern Plains - Weapons - Attack Power +25%
Varuloth - Lost Shrine - Weapons - Guard Break +30%
Gebal - Barren Temple - Magic - Magic Power +12%
Ulol - The Aerie - Magic, Weapons - Armor Break +20%
Ulul - Lost Shrine - Magic, Weapons - Armor Break +25%
Ashuresra - Southern Plains - Martial Arts - Physical Defense +15%
Ashurkarr - The Aerie - Martial Arts - Physical Defense +20%
Ashurzarken - Lost Shrine - Martial Arts - Physical Defense +30%
Konza - Lost Shrine - Any - Magic Defense +10%
Solza - Barren Temple - Any - MP Recovery Rate +10%
Solzarr - The Aerie - Martial Arts - MP Recovery Rate +25%
Solzarken - Lost Shrine - Martial Arts - MP Recovery Rate +30%
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Story-spoiler free review. :)

Let's start with the obvious. While the game has issues, I would consider it a must play for fans of the series.

As with Automata, the soundtrack is incredible and adds a lot of value and emotion to story developing moments. While I would not consider every track a masterpiece, I still think that every one of them fits the game area it is used in and adds to the experience.
As for the gameplay, it is very noticable that the core aspects have been developed quite a while ago. Fights have little depth and become repetitive faster than you'd like. Enemy attacks are poorly indicated so that dodging degrades to being a side mechanic. Additionally, I found myself using the same few types of magic attacks throughout the entire game as switching through them is not required. Another aspects is weapon buffs in the form of words. Every couple of hours I would upgrade them to the best ones but I never considered hand picking them since it seemed like too much of a hastle.
On a positive note, the key binding options for keyboard players have greatly improved over Automata, no more double tapping to sprint!
Another thing is that part of the game where you run around on foot, which, all things considered, probably makes up for a third of the play time. The game makes you run through the same areas, sticking to the same paths, heading to the same people over and over and over and over. Meh.

Lastly the story: The story is a piece of art. A piece of art served in very small bites with brutally tedious, repetitive gameplay inbetween. Regardless, a piece of art. Obtaining the first ending leaves you with little to no information on what is actually going on in the story. All endings are required to actually get a grasp of it and at least feel a little satisfaction. However, if you go through all of the trouble to see all of the story, you do in fact feel that it was worth it, at least I did. Therefore I would certainly recommend not to stop after the first ending.
The quest design, especially that of the side quests, is more annoying than fun. Go there, get that, the usual. Nonetheless there are quite a few interesting side acts that play out infront of you if you go through them. So just like the game itself, tedious but worth it.

And as per usual, as I have no idea how to end the review, I would recommend this game to everyone that really enjoyed the type of game that Automata was. The game will send you through the same areas often, especially the first half of the game will feel brutally slow when doing all side quests and you will be annoyed at times. Regardless, the story supported by the great soundtrack makes up for it tenfold.

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