House Blackfyre is a cadet branch of House Targaryen that ran numerous failed rebellions 100 years ago and was eventually wiped out (or was it?). The person Blackfyre is a big ASoIaF fan, and attempted completionist.
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Trying to balance starting new games and 100%ing old ones. Also sometimes real life!

I trade on, my current tradables are listed here [], feel free to shoot me offers even if I'm inactive. I might decline offers for low priority wishlist games but reasonable offers are always welcome. If you trade elsewhere but you see a possibility for a fair valued trade just let me know.

Current <100% list:
Cave Story+
Super Meat Boy

General achievement tips:
* If there's several hard achievements: pick one, focus on it, earn it, then pick your next target.
* If you can't do it: you need some combo of strategy/skill/luck. Strategy comes from planning and then from assessing and tweaking previous plans. Skill comes from practice. Luck comes from time.
* For achievements where you replay a level until you reach a target (no deaths, high score, speedrun etc), don't get annoyed at bad runs, they're practice.
* Gaming is fun. A certain amount of frustration is good with hard games, but if you're just getting pissed off go play something else and come back later.
* To find which free weekend games are hurting your Steam AGC, look at the drop down list of games in your achievement showcase. Huge thanks to Shellback27 for discovering this.

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