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^.Auti -⚡ May 17 @ 11:50am 
"touch grass" is not an insult towards gamers, rather it is advice for them. When participating in intense periods of gaming, the human hand has a tendency to get sweaty. The sweat causes the hand to become slick, and it b becomes more difficult to retain a grip on the gamers gaming mouse, thus making it more difficult to perform well in intense gaming moments. By touching grass with the gamers hand, the grass will impart a layer of particulate onto the gamers hand, the particulate can be made of a variety of dusts, dirts and other natural matter. This particulate will then act in a similar form to climbers chalk, absorbing the sweat and drying out the gamers hand. With dry hands, the gamer can now perform to their maximum when gaming. This is why when an enemy or teammate tells you to touch grass, they are simply trying to assist you in performing better
ExZite #Done May 15 @ 6:49pm 
+ सम्मान, महान खिलाड़ी, टीम वर्क खेल की महान भावना
ARt3mus Apr 9 @ 1:29pm 
xD your cry baby!! for 1 game your crying like kid. lol. mein random lobby mein aya tha muje sapna ayega kya ki woh hack kare end round mein.xD. mein noob hu ya pro muje isse koi farak nhi padta.. khudko pro samjta hai na toh muje kick nhi karta aur meri baat pehele sunta. you behaved like little khelna pata hack kaise samjna muje nhi atta ..apne gusse ko na thoda control rakho sir ! aap ek game keliye itna rage kar rah hai..behave yourself akshay bhai..(:-).:steambored:
M3TAL F!_!$!()N Jan 25 @ 5:25am 
Op aim +rep
RaYzeR Aug 2, 2022 @ 10:57pm 
+rep good friend and supportive teamate
BladeSides Jun 15, 2022 @ 8:20am 
jeet to meri hi hogi, seat to aakhir me dalit le jata h