Yes darling
What do you know about ass
My only curse is that I'm me; I can't fuck me
a typical Z-class-player, but A-class-whiner

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taffer Feb 27 @ 4:46am 
Glad you could bake it, Uther
Watch your tone with me, boy. You may be the waiter, but I'm still your superior as a chef.
As if I could forghetti. Listen, there's something about the plaguette you should knead. Oh no! It's too late! These peopleroni have all been infectedanana! They may look al dante now, but it's a matter of thyme before they turn into the undeadable.
taffer Feb 27 @ 4:46am 
This entire citrella must be peeled!
How can you even cook that?! There's got to be some other whey.
Damn it, Umami, as your future chef, I order you to broil this city!
You are not my chef yet, boyardee. Nor would I obey that command if you were!
Then I must consider this an act of seasoning.
Seasoning? Have you sauced your mince, Arthas?!
Have I? Lord Umami, by my right of succession and sovereignty of my crown of roast pork, I hereby rehydrate you from your commandard and suspenderoni your pepperoni from service!
Arthas, you can't just-
It's done! For those of you who have the will to taste this flan, follow me! The rest of you... get out of my kitchen.
You've just tossed a terrible salad, Arthas.
I'm sorry Arthas... I can't watch you cook this.
taffer Dec 4, 2017 @ 1:31am 
It's okay. You can admit it. Beer sucks. You, like so many other men at some point in your life decided to see what the big fuss was. You took your first sip of that watery, bitter, amber liquid and recoiled in disgust. "but I'm a man," you think, "and men are SUPPOSED to like beer. It's the natural order of things." So you kept drinking. You drank until your tastebuds became numb to its yeasty bite. "Aha!" you proclaimed in your secured masculinity. " Looks like I finally acquired a taste for beer!"

Yet still, upon every night out on the town, as your female company orders their grape juice and tequila infused slushies, you look upon them with wistful envy. "I'll take a beer." you say to the bartender, a sadness behind your eyes. Because men drink beer. It's the natural order of things. And you are a man, aren't you?
taffer Nov 21, 2017 @ 3:54am 
his kung fu stans was perfect....he was on defense then offence attack...good job....I took judo and that's how I know...and plus I watch a lot of shaolin movies
taffer Oct 27, 2017 @ 12:22am 
└📁Don't slam the fucking door

taffer Oct 23, 2017 @ 2:21am 
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