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"What does the Biscuit say? Mad mad mad mad mad mad mad mad mad"

"Do you know why all special infected go to you? Cause maybe you are.. special"

14:43 - Biscuitkzh: haha I'm still gonna be Biscuit. just french biscuit xd
14:44 - Not The Uenz: nope
14:44 - Not The Uenz: they don't have biscuits there... you're going to transform into baguette

Biscuitkzh : alright who takes the back?
Sir Prize : sounds dirty

^___^ : best between biscuit and me
^___^ : it's a pretty hot spot

20:54 - [RIP]deinemudda65: seems u already got too much D

Angel : he cheatin on u
Biscuitkzh : nah he wouldn't betray this a*s trust me
Angel : dat comeback
Angel : i got rekt

<Fancypanties> I got the golden fishing rod :D
<Lord ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ the IV> Can it truly replace my rod in your heart

12:40 - Arken: lol what are u doing during your nights to sleep until 12am
12:40 - Arken: xD
12:40 - Biscuitkzh: haha I don't rob banks I promise! xd
12:42 - Arken: u gangbang all the night maybe

bambi : i tend to yell a lot
trumpton : hehe yeah i like that

Däx : lick is always the main priority

Däx : grab it while its hot

★ aqz★ #cold haϞds : dam ping
*SPEC* ^___^ : 40
★ aqz★ #cold haϞds : ye wlouldve stunnd him with lower

tbh worst then noobs: I guess I'm gonna get sh*t to drink
^___^: Don't drink sh*t

01:57 - Sir Prize: "I gave so many fu*ks I got STD"

[RIP]deinemudda65 : if possible try to only enter threw the big holle

D4n!3L : hi
D4n!3L : 60 minutes
D4n!3L : a*shole ^^

23:01 - alc: nothing makes me laugh like paedofillia bis

*SPEC* alc : all you need is d

alc : 5 years we been friends n not 1 t*t pic
alc : disgraceful
alc : just wolfs everywhere

22:49 - [RIP]deinemudda65: "i have the best aim on atrium" he has the best bomb dropping aim in a belgish mall

12:23 - bambi: coming from you, it could have meant something dirty

Outlaw Onur : someone wants to see the snake in my jeans?

Outlaw Onur : i need 10 of it..
Biscuitkzh : wow, that's a lot of girlfriends
Outlaw Onur : for every finger

19:29 - Rambo ~: life is short so i like good quality drinks better the drinks less headaches

✯Ĝ๏ą✞✯'ƦэŁĨq : sry was inside you

20:06 - [RIP]deinemudda65: dont eat too much pizza or u cant eat smileys baguettes

smiley guys boyfriend : i wanna eat his baguette


[Chiptick]: ill will be virgin till you merry me :**

Kasatka : a*smats
Kasatka : a*s mats
The Uenz : azz mad xd

Biscuitkzh : What can I say, I'm a natural
Kasatka : Natural disaster?

[CuddleBuddy1]: go find a corner and fu*k yourself to death in it

[Senshi]: Biscuitkzh is now known as Bit*hkzh

[GoldenPants]: your voice is so sexy I wish I could take your vocal chords and just fu*k them

[Chikentonite]: #DickhungryKZH

14:11 - Chikentonite: he could finger you to death, cause ya know piano.

[St4j0]: do you make asmr videos?

[OmgEatDatCak]: we got the healthy biskut
[OmgEatDatCak]: u go the expry one

[XiaoBiBi]: maccy
[XiaoBiBi]: you fu kk the noob can see me _w

The Uenz:
lmao i imagine bis with a meat hammer, really hammering down on that meat XD
"Fu*k this game, Fu*k the internet, Fu*k me"

your kindness will be your end biscuit

Thundergoat: tbh your voice does sound ultra angry most of the time
Biscuitkzh: I'm an evil person
Thundergoat: yeah this is palpable

[RelmoJr]: and you are a women
[RelmoJr]: don't play video games

The Uenz:
but ...
you are insane
and love it :3

I have the best salt
you are salt

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"Fu*k it's from behind" - Biscuitkzh 2020
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