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冷笑黑妖 Sep 8 @ 1:49am 
冷笑黑妖 Sep 8 @ 1:47am 
Hello, this is my two steam evaluation teams. We have paid attention to your game and can evaluate it for you and give feedback and suggestions. We would like to apply for several copies of connoisseur or key. I'll share it with my team members, including several small anchors of BiliBili game channel. After the evaluation, we will immediately post it to the group and individual comments. This will effectively help you to increase the display volume and promote sales. thank!
Leonida.99 [𝖘𝖙𝖜] Apr 13 @ 10:52am 
We might have an interesting proposal for you ( as a curator and a website )
SilentWraith Apr 8 @ 5:34am 
City Game Studio is an amazing game, I am happy with the amount of content in the game. Coming from a Fellow Game Dev, I absolutely love your work, Maybe we could do a project together sometime in the future if you are willing?
Binogure Apr 1 @ 11:54pm 
Balanced the difficulty, I'm gonna make an announcement later today
Lu.Tz1aaa Cherlin Apr 1 @ 12:27pm 
what was updated just now? no prompt