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For Butt-buddies and salty haters <3
:trump: :noel: :makoto::Emoticon_Trinity::Noel:Welcome to my profile, kids! Did I hurt your feelings? Are you just a shitty Scout/Pyro/Demo/Engineer/Heavy/Sniper/Spy main who's here to bitch about my amazing Soldier/Medic skills?Are you angry over pixels?If any of these apply then tough luck, sport. Besides, if you really get self righteous over pixels you probably enjoy watching your wife getting fucked by black men and voting for Bernie Sanders. :trump: :noel: :makoto::Emoticon_Trinity::Noel:

:trump: :noel: :makoto::Emoticon_Trinity::Noel:Do you play any class besides Soldier or Medic? If so, you're worthless cunt that deserves to get gassed. Why? Because any class other than Medic or Soldier is absolute shit. So, if you play those classes, your most likely worthless garbage too. So please, if you are not a Soldier main and too shitty to be one, at least pocket me. If not, uninstall the game, you fucking mongoloid. :trump: :noel: :makoto::Emoticon_Trinity::Noel:

:trump: :noel: :makoto::Emoticon_Trinity::Noel:About me (For my worshipers, and buttmad haters) I'm 21 years old and enjoy collecting valuable guns and Nazi Militaria. In fact it is all authentic and worth more than 10,000$, it's probably worth more than you. When I'm not here making shit kids throw their shitty PC out the window I'm probably hunting or flying a plane. In fact I am probably better than you in all aspects of life. Feel free to hate on me, you'll never be this cool, kid!:trump: :noel: :makoto::Emoticon_Trinity::Noel:

-----------------------------------------------𝓜𝓪𝓭, 𝓑𝓪𝓭 𝓪𝓷𝓭 𝓳𝓾𝓼𝓽 𝓹𝓵𝓪𝓲𝓷 𝓢𝓪𝓭!------------------------------------

McRib : "I wish you would come here to Sacramento so i could beat the shit out of you."

Vittel: "Imagine being this shitty of a person. I bet I could dunk your pasty white face in a toilet bowl and keep it there."

*DEAD* Gervino : "lamebotter...."

windy hellcase .com: "You're not even a good soldier. "(Engineer building on last)

Relax: "Your binds are really shitty, like you're so much older than the majority of the player base, fucking retard."

*DEAD* Hatbag McDouche: You're a prick

Snosno : "taunt again and I'll break you in half."

-hg- QuantumXYZ Cries when I DESTROY him with the black box and conch, switch to stock launcher. He switches to soldier and scout and continued to get destroyed over the course of an hour. Complains on every death. LMAO

Cardboard: "N***er faggot jew kike with your hairy daddy Medic BF"

Robert Urrutia "*DEAD* Fuck this Medic and his W+M1 Pyro!"

kentheorge 'Cry harder kid' shut up faggot

MADAM I'M ADAM "You sound like a fat fucking Trump supporter."

My Discord: https://discord.gg/SNMxRPB

:makoto::noel::trump: Favorite Songs: Lights of Albuquerque (Jim Glaser) , Stand By The Road (Jim Glaser) , The Ride (David Allan Coe) , Turn Back The Hands Of Time(Tyrone Davis) , Lookin' For Love (Johnny Lee) , Woman, Woman (Jim Glaser) , Midnight Cry(John Starnes) , Boundless Love (The Cathedrals) , Double Dutch Bus(Frankie Smith) , Working My Way Back To You(The Spinners) , Love Machine(The Miracles) , Take Me Down(Alabama) , I Got Mexico(Eddie Raven) , Shouting Time In Heaven(The Hoppers) , That's Him(The Hoppers) , Holy Highway (Gaither Homecomming) , Yahweh (The Hoppers) , Canaanland Is Just In Sight , Champion Of love (The Cathedrals) :trump: :noel: :makoto::Emoticon_Trinity::Noel:
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If you voted for Bernie or Hillary, kindly remove yourself from the gene pool. <3

Look below to see how rich I am, unlike you, kid!
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Hentai With Senpai Dec 5 @ 8:21pm 
Uh oh! Did someone forget to drink their Soylent this morning? Enjoy your stay, the pleasure is all mine! :trump:
A. Dec 4 @ 11:29pm 
Typical memelord southern bigot. Stay away; weak minded troll child.
Hentai With Senpai Dec 3 @ 7:27am 
*dabs in australian*
Jacob *Trading* Dec 2 @ 7:35pm 
Why are you speaking in third person?
Hentai With Senpai Dec 2 @ 7:23pm 
lol who's this kid?