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Deo Vindice
Oh I'm "back"? What an absolute surprise huh? Funny part is, I never for once lost control of my account. I thought how funny would it be if I were to convince people that I actually indeed had my account "hacked". Oh and low and behold, the mindless, thought devoid sheep came running in droves thinking that I was gone for good. Oh the fun I had. The fun I had using being able to apply my beautiful and Ancient Pontic Greek (Ρωμαίικα) to fool every single one if you, since it cannot be translated, only other knowledgeable Greeks! I mean, let's face it. Do you seriously think a God of Mann Up such as myself could every truly be hacked? I will ALWAYS be here to Kick people out of Mann Up, to keep Noobs, Trash Players and Gas Passer users from completing in my games. I shall never be defeated, I shall never be hacked. Every people in MY Mann Up games will follow the Mann Up Terms of Service that I myself have created, or suffer the consequences.

Over 3500 players kicked by me in 2021 alone, lets see if I can break that record!

My Country Rating [i.imgur.com]

My Political Chart [imgur.com]

My Toxic Masculinity Chart [imgur.com]

If you're another person wanting to cry like a little sissy at me about MvM, being better than you OR being offended over pixels, comment section is down below!

Well if you're still reading this than I might as well say "Hi, Ape! I'm Bill Gaither, a toxic MvM player who kicks trash players on last wave! Delete Gas Passer and delete TF2 if you use gas, or I retry spam and destroy server! Ok ty!". With that out of the way, I'm a Medic Main that also plays Sniper and a bit of Soldier and Demo. I'm a licensed pilot and I fly a 1974 PA-32-300. I collect guns (fu.ck off anti gun cu.cks and fudds) and other militaria. I play mainly on NoHeroes (RIP server) or on Casual (♥♥♥.king awful) when NH is empty. I play MvM at night and very well may be drunk. Oh and if get into an MvM game with me, you have a 50% chance of being kicked. After your last wave kick you can either wait at the Main Menu to play with other trash player or come and cry on my profile. Both are perfectly acceptable. I await your angry comments. Better luck next time, sport!

---------------THE MANN UP TERMS OF SERVICE----------------



1. Not pressing F4 when told to do so by High Tours.
2. Pressing F2 on a vote call by a High Tour.
3. Pressing F1 against a High Tour.
4. Autolocking Pyro. You are to never play Pyro unless given explicit permission by a High Tour. Using airblast, scorch shot or the gas passer. Subpar damage from having burn time or by being plain trash is grounds for a kick regardless.
5. Autolocking Spy.
6. Acting like you know what you're being when you obviously have no clue what you are doing. if you ignore High Tour Gods and it becomes obvious you have no clue on what to do, you will be insulted out of the server or kicked on last if you stay.
7. Trashtalking a player who is obviously better than you.
8. Trash Tier microphone. No one wants to hear your microphone that you got when Mommy bought you a happymeal 4 years ago.
9. Playing Idle Medic in 2Cities.
10. Playing Medic outside of 2Cities. We will laugh you right out of Mecha Engine. :trump:
11. Stupidity is not tolerated. Go be an imbecile on LazyPurple Silly servers.
12. Telling High Tours what to do.
13. Not communicating or listening to the commands of High Tours.
14. If you have your pronouns in your BIO or in game I will laugh at you, and kick you on last wave.
15. Using Knockbage Rage.
16. Using the Force-a-Nature.
17. Taking more than 5 minutes to connect to a lobby. Bring your trash computer and internet to Boot Camp instead.
18. Popping Uber Medics when there is a class equipped to do so.
19. Popping Giant Quick Fix Medics when there is a class equipped to do so.
20. Cheating. I shouldn't have to say this but it seems that every autist wants to be a script kiddie and cheat in Mann Up.

By the way, if you break these rules just to piss me off, I really don't care. You'll just get your last wave kick like all the other idiots. My record number of players kicked in a SINGLE Mann Up match was 15. You want you last wave kick? Go right on ahead! :D

PC Specs

Builder: Origin
CPU: i9-9900k
Motherboard: TUF z390m
RAM: Corsair Vengence DDR4 32gb
GPU: MSI RTX 2080 Ti
Storage Drive: Samsung 860 SSD
OS Drive: Samsung 860 SSD
OS System: Windows Who uses Apples for gaming? lmao
Monitor: ASUS ROG 32 Inch curved monitor
Keyboard: Corsair K55

-------------------------------------------- Favorite Songs --------------------------------------------

Islands In The Stream , Lady , After I Bow , Champion Of Love , God Bless The U.S.A , Julia , That Rock Won’t Roll , Why Does It Have To Be Wrong Or Right , Tall Tall Trees , Jesus Is Alive and Well , Nobody’s Home , Deeper Than The Holler
I'm Going Home With Jesus
Glory Is Waiting

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a tacobot.loser ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥, dude is probably going to delete this because of this manchild, if you see him in mvm just call him a ♥♥♥♥ and leave.
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Not just any MvM legend, but one who can also fly planes.
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