Dr Willsworth   Darlington, Darlington, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
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Not actually a Doctor. :InjusticeCatwoman::msfortune::L2cat::CatLick::fishbones::2016imnotcrying::os_niko::thecatpaw:

I'm a fuzz, and I like peanut butter. I'm a cute boy and I kiss a cute boy too.

I like kisses and cuddles, wrestling, games, and sometimes building models, like Burenbo or other diecast car models.

I don't like trying to deal with sensitive issues, or the kind of people that are like, "Stop being friends with that person because I said so." as this is my life and friends, not Civ 5. I play Civ 5 to sit quietly and build in the corner paying everybody not to go to war with me. I then lose because my asshole boyfriend pays them double to go to war with me.

I like anybody! Fond of furries and such. Just have fun and junk.

Warframe: SnowMewsley
BattleNET: SnowMew#2894 (Overwatch and HotS)
Skullgirls: Ms. Fortune, Peacock, Filia, Fukua (Any combination of the 3), and maybe Beowulf, RoboFortune or Squiggly

--- Big Hearts List! ---
<33 Flaming Pizza for Tex Murphy series, Bunny must Die!, Long Live the Queen, Table Top Simulator, Sid Miers Covert Action, Shantae, being a bro, and my actual senpai-love-xXx-forever-kawaii <3
<3 {get steam_username; return profile_name} ζ for Fairy Bloom Fresia
<3 Maebara
<3 Ragna
<3 Kido for Dota 2 so nobody else can give me theirs~
<3 Modedude for Something, Danmaku Unlimited 2, Crimson Clover and Gone Home
<3 Jimbo for Half-Minute Hero
<3 Lyinginbedmon for awesome Minecraft videos and making sure I didn't die during our shared accommodation in 2008-09.
<3 Hair Slut with Sex Hair for Analogue: A Hate Story
<3 Chris for Don't Starve, and hugs~
<3 PheNaxKian for Exceed Saga series (despite winning it anyways)
<3 Renoki for Overgrowth~
<3 Senty for being Senty
<3 Makoto Yamaguchi

<3 [Your Name Here] for [whatever makes me happy]

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This is my favourite thing
30 Years of Train Violence
Good King []
21:08 - Flaming Pizza: FUCK
21:07 - SnowMew~: Okay
21:08 - Flaming Pizza: oh
21:08 - Flaming Pizza: oh
21:08 - Flaming Pizza: OH
21:08 - Flaming Pizza: OH
21:08 - Flaming Pizza: OHHHHH
21:08 - SnowMew~: And boom goes the dynamite
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I don't know I'm just a snow leopard. :2016villain:
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