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 Loads of girls want to fuck me they just don't have the balls
My typical day centres around managing premium quality dickgirls through my structured acquisitions network and ensuring safe delivery to those who need them most.

Bros I've met: Delta, Jimmy, ISeeDedPpl, Pruizzen.
Bros I'm going to meet: YOU!

║╔═╣╚╝║║ ║║ ╚╗╔╝
╚╝♥╚══╩╝ ╚╝ ♥ ╚╝

How many girls would a dickgirl dick if a dickgirl could dick girls?


Some usage critics insist that the only correct meaning of ‘mad’ is “mentally disturbed, insane,” ‘mad’ is often replaced by ‘angry’ in formal contexts.

I will list my kinks as that might be interesting or useful data to you.

● rape play; consensual nonconsent (submissive) (note: this is actually one of the most popular ones amongst women)
● age play (younger)
● spanking (receiving)
● biting (giving and receiving)
● facefucking; gagging/choking on cock
● being put on a collar and leash
● creampie
● whipping (receiving)
● sexual objectification
● pet play (being the pet)
● predator/prey; pursuit, take-down & capture (being the prey)
● being fucked while unconscious or asleep
● forced exhibitionism
● egg laying
● lactation
● size

I'm into anal and double penetration. Penis + vibrator in vaggo and anal dildo is heaven.

Who are you to tell another man what he wants to do with his own penis? Let him decide for himself.

You'll never meet a girl above the age of 18 that isn't a jaded slut that has been with at least six guys.

83% [of women] owned up to telling "big, life-changing lies", with 13% saying they did so frequently. []

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I’m not 100% sure then, sorry :/
Nyx May 1 @ 10:59am 
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Jof Mar 13 @ 10:38am 
Check your privilege, bitch.
Usage Critic Bilge Feb 11 @ 8:54am 
Oh no what have they done to you.
Jof Feb 9 @ 10:51am 
Studying hard to become a full fledged SJW. We can't be friends any more because you're too rude :jofkitty:
Usage Critic Bilge Feb 8 @ 5:10am 
THAT'S A DEAD MEME :steammocking: