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Software engineer/developer living in the Bay Area.

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I game when I have time (devs gotta dev). I've been a member of the community since the initial purchase of Half-Life 2 forced people to join Steam.

If you want to add me and I don't know you then leave a comment on my profile stating why you are requesting the add. (SG issue, PS4 community, etc.)

I have a large backlog like so many others. The games I acquire I intend to play. No sense accumulating useless digital bits. I plot out how to attack it [] with BLAEO. (Thanks guys!)

Speaking of what I like to play: RPGs, action/adventure, puzzlers, survival/exploration, and simulators. Not big on pixel art/retro games. (I grew up when that stuff was new and I saw plenty, thanks.) Above all an imaginative story and artistic design capture my attention most. Love smaller indie games.

Willing to try platformers but usually get bored with the twitch style unless they are in the league of Ori and the Blind Forest.

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A solid entry into the Deus Ex saga. The gameplay is smooth and precise. The story is short relative to other AAA titles, but very well thought-out and scripted. To make up for that there's a lot to do on side missions.

That being said, this game is definitely smaller in feel and scope than it's predecessor. While Deus Ex isn't supposed to be an open world experience, Prague begins to feel extremely small once you've traversed it two or three times. The other locales are even more constrained. But boy is there a vast amount of detail to crawl through if you want to take your time! I think the primary difference between this and Human Revolution is the amount of spaces you can explore. They are everywhere -- and often several stories high or deep.

The only negative marks I can give here is that Breach -- the tournament content -- is a dull and visually un-exciting retread of the game's excellent mechanics, set in a "Tron"-like world of cyber-minimalism chic and computer hacking a-la virtual reality. Forgettable and not necessary unless you like OCD time-killers that bait you into grinding through map after map for nothing more than bragging rights.

Rating: 8/10
If you're a fan of DE, you'll be right at home here. If this is your first DE experience, you should follow the game's intro advice and watch the Human Evolution recap video when offered.

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