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Software engineer/developer living in the way-too-expensive Bay Area
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I collect games to play, not for cards or +1s. I plot out how to attack my backlog [ ] with BLAEO.

What I like to play: RPGs, action/adventure, puzzlers, survival/exploration, and VR with my Vive. Not big on pixel art/classic style games. (I grew up when that stuff was new, had a good time and moved on.) An imaginative story and artistic design capture my attention most. Love smaller indie games.

If you send me a friend request leave a comment below stating why: we know each other from SG, PSN, real life, etc. Otherwise I will most likely ignore your request!
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I'm glad I finally pulled this game out of my backlog; it is an overlooked gem.

You play a white orb that can gather and command a swarm of tadpole-like aquatic creatures, and you must defend your world against an invading black orb and its minions. Along the way you meet the green, blue and red orbs that are also threatened by this menace, and with their assistance the story unfolds across 26 gorgeous maps. Everything works beautifully -- the art, level design, and music. Each map has a different theme, challenges, and sometimes a new ability to learn. Exploration and the unexpected are the main thrills of the game.

Gameplay is casual, low-challenge and easily accessible for all ages. All movement is done with the mouse. Abilities are a few key presses. Full controller support is one puzzling omission as the game is perfect for it. Players with a Steam controller could easily create a profile that works. All this for a very reasonable price that offers about 8-10 hours of engagement depending on how fast you work.

Rating: 9/10
A synthesis of casual action, simple puzzle solving, beautiful levels, wordless mystery and atmospheric music. If this sounds good to you, it's worth your time to try it out. Trickster Arts should be proud of their tiny hero!
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You know, you write pretty interesting reviews! Wish there were more of those on Steam. I'd like to extend an invitation to join our reviewer support group, the Reviewers' Guild.

Whatever you decide, keep up writing informative reviews!
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