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This game isn't a racing game like all others. Trackmania has its own things that makes it a special racing game - the physics for time attacking.
You can ride with cars over nice maps build by Nadeo, or a community on 7 different environments. Collect medals by improving your time. Chase your friends to see who's better driver. Build your own maps and share your maps with others, for example on There's a lot of stuff you can do related to cars.
True, you can do all of this in Nations, but United is another big expirience of driving with different cars and enjoying their unique environments. Please don't waste your money on this game because of Coppers support, it's stupid.

Now my review:

Gameplay (6 points max):
There are no car collisions, which is the biggest thing that makes this a time attacking game. Simple to understand, drive from start to finish in a fastest time, or drive multiple laps on multilap track. That's all you need to know. Car physics itself are REALLY good. 7 enviroments with different cars means 7 different car physics. The car react just as you press the key and it's possible to understand how the car works. Obviously you need to play for some time to be good at driving. Hard to tell if it's good idea to spend some months to skill yourself for such a dead game, because there are no competitions atm, but you can still rank up in official rankings of Solo tracks.
Because cars are sometimes buggy and time attack can result some unlucky moments, I'm rating it 5.5/6.

Graphics (3 points max):
Graphics. They're old for sure, but quite good on it's release date. Anyways it isnt really close to today game's graphics. When you look at the game, it's a game where environment (not gameplay environment) really matters.
Hard to decide, but I'm rating it 1.75/3.

Atmosphere (1 point max):
This game has it's own atmosphere, like most of the games. But this one brings memories of older games like 2004-2008 - their graphics bugs, simple design, gameplay. If you played older versions of Trackmania like Sunrise or Original, then you'll understand the feeling. :D Anyway I think it deserves clean 1 point. It isn't messy game with all kinds of things that don't fit together.

So my rating is (5.5 + 1.75 + 1): 8.25/10
I'll say it simply, this game is awesome. This rating comparing to today games is very very good on 2008 game.

Community is very VERY friendly. Trackmania has one of the friendliest communities ever. From my expirience, I have no doubt of that. :D United community is dying (actually it's pretty dead now), but you can still meet some players around the servers and things.

You want to decide if to buy this game for 30 bucks or stay at Nations. It's simple: Do you want to try something new in a game you know? For myself I really enjoyed playing all of these enviroments and I'm still enjoying that! But if you're not really into trying other 6 environments for this amount of money (I understand, it's a lot), then don't go for it.

Overall I of course recommend this game. Absolutely no doubts about that. If you're trying to find a solid multienvironmental racing game rather for singleplayer purposes, this can be a good choice for you. :)
+rep he is very good friend. Sometimes is angry and he hasn't got life
alyen Nov 12, 2017 @ 12:30pm 
Remembered your name from youtube when looking for the price of a proletariat posedown ^^ so we're both trying to sell one, playing tf2 and trackmania ! gl selling yours :)
WOKE JAK DEBIL // GreMi Sep 11, 2017 @ 10:01am 
+rep amazing editer etc.
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+rep pánko :coolpolice::ArmdZombie::ZombieFromLake::InfectedHead: KYS
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+rep great trader, great guy
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