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Personal Achievements
Unlocked Mar 1 @ 1:44pm

Revenant of Regicide

Complete the prologue.
Unlocked Mar 8 @ 4:17pm

Gregarious Groover

Use a Groove.
Unlocked Mar 8 @ 4:33pm

Rookie Regent

Complete all missions in Act 1.

Puzzle Practitioner

Complete a puzzle.

Arcade Apprentice

Complete an arcade run.

Creative Cartographer

Create a custom map.

Cordial Commander

Win a skirmish game.

Worldly Warrior

Win an online match in Quick Play.

Diligent Downloader

Play a downloaded map.

Grand Groover

Use every Groove once.

Quarter Queen

Complete an Arcade in hard difficulty.

Twinkling Tactician

Collect 200 stars.

Super Strategist

Obtain an S-Rank on every campaign mission.

Joystick Jostler

Complete all arcade runs.

Puzzle Professor

Complete all puzzles.

Art Aficionado

Unlock every item in the gallery.

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