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Papa Carson Mar 16 @ 11:16pm 
2/5 Stars

To finish off my amazon review of this product I would have to give to give it only 2 stars. It works alright and can sometimes get the job done, but sometimes it just needs a lot of help mentally and physically. It sometimes just like the product has been past it's expiration date. It also gets very tilted and just stays like that and it is just very anoyying to work with.
Papa Carson Mar 16 @ 11:01pm 
Also I am not that one rich kid whos just vapes and shit... I am accually noice to people even when I mix them in basketball
Papa Carson Mar 16 @ 10:59pm 
I dunno bout this guy... I asked for a callout just once not even in a mean why and he told me kys and knifed me in the back lol... He then proceded to insult me about my personal life that hes knows nothing about, not even how old I am LMAO... He isnt all that bad of a player though I have to say, can hit some pretty nice shots... I just dunno why he got so mad maybe its just that time of the month for him XD... Yeah and I am very popular at my school btw 2nd in the state 52nd in the country in crosscountry OOF!
LJ Feb 10 @ 10:06am 
how do you earn so much credits on skinsilo?
✪ Braythor Feb 7 @ 6:57am 
+rep skinsilo legend!
♝Crispy Feb 6 @ 9:34pm 
skinsilo legend!