I like football

I accept all friend requests, but if you're adding me to trade and your inventory is private, you will be instantly removed

Never comment +Rep on my profile pls

MvM, Casual, Jailbreak, Deathrun, Dodgeball

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generic this person is a scammer link which leads to your profile cause why not xD! (not funny please kill me)

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Szao. Jul 14 @ 11:42am 
Hi, check my trade offer.
Dispy <3 Jul 10 @ 10:04pm 
Added to buy slaves (niggers)
Pootis Police (Pootis Army) Jul 10 @ 9:44pm 
Added for Killer Exclusive ( Team Spirit )
mrstealyourgirl Jul 7 @ 11:33pm 
"baby bon" words that describe u <3
( Gay )✖️ ( Garry ) Jun 26 @ 7:45pm 
Dispy <3 Jun 19 @ 9:19pm 
"fag" this word perfectly describes you <3