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Usually play pugs, casual and valve competitive (if I find one) in tf2

C:sticky:mp shit:
Demo-backdoor plunderers
7th pure open s1
5th AFL 14


[04/04/2019, 10:51]
i dont even store stuff on my phone
aside from the nudes your mom wont stop sending me

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Xx_Pusi-Master-101_xX Apr 29 @ 10:06pm 
I'm very sorry :-;
tensor of rank (0, B) Apr 17 @ 4:30am 
Mucy Mar 26 @ 11:38am 
Added to negotiate on your stuff for my Veil :)
Pozi Mar 24 @ 8:54pm 
added for sex
BON Mar 22 @ 5:35am 
also I probably should have remembered people turn their brains off when playing tf2center(even people with 3000 lobbies played apparently)
BON Mar 22 @ 5:34am 
most of them are bots