passed the litness test
Brian   Charlotte, North Carolina, United States
I play tf2 sometimes.

Competitive History

- UGC S18 Steel wewlad roamer
- UGC S19 Silver wewlad roamer
- ESEA Open S20 sixsadboys med/pocket (5-8 before team died)
- ESEA Open S21 Taco Hut Esports roamer (8-8)
- ESEA Open S22 yumpman pocket (12-4)(0-1 playoffs)

- UGC S16 Steel PRPC sniper
- UGC S17 Silver Retirement Plan backup soldier/scout

brian (Score:20) defeats *:・゚✧ does she remember (Score:13) in duel to 20 on OG Ammomod [MGE]

brian (Score:10) defeats Hedgehog Hero (Score:6) in duel to 10 on Counterjump Gran

brian (Score:10) defeats .tv/monsta_ (Score:5) in duel to 10 on BBall [1v1 BBALL].
brian (Score:20) defeats .tv/monsta_ (Score:15) in duel to 20 on Gullywash Middle [1v1 MGE].
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UNGABUNGA May 21 @ 11:19pm 
1:14 AM - charis: Do u know what has been up with hedge lately
1:14 AM - charis: Ever since like last week he has been like super distant
1:15 AM - desk lamp: idk haven't talked to him much
1:15 AM - charis: Since like....2 weeks ago ive been messaging him and he just dont reply
1:15 AM - desk lamp: i think he might've said something about being busy w/ work
1:15 AM - charis: Pls dont tell him i asked tho
1:15 AM - desk lamp: ya np
1:15 AM - charis: Although idk he might not have steam notifs on he didnt b4
1:15 AM - charis: Cant tell
1:15 AM - charis: Idk
1:16 AM - charis: Tonight he went off right before i could talk to him
1:16 AM - charis: Oh and read the first letter of every sentence i just sent you
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selling kidney 4 new cpu May 7 @ 9:07pm 
best kritz heavy tbh
machine gun Apr 27 @ 7:59pm