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Buy body toolkit
Unlocked Jul 30 @ 3:26am

Wheels of steel

Buy wheel toolkit
Unlocked Jul 30 @ 3:39am

Interior is important

Buy interior toolkit
Unlocked Jul 30 @ 3:38am

Man in the mirror

Buy window toolkit
Unlocked Jul 30 @ 3:39am

Shine bright like a diamond

Buy finish toolkit
Unlocked Jul 30 @ 3:32am

Backstreet seats

Buy seat toolkit
Unlocked Jul 30 @ 3:39am

Foam first, lunch second

Buy lights toolkit
Unlocked Jul 30 @ 3:06am

Power of pressure

Use pressure washer
Unlocked Jul 30 @ 3:08am

Round, round, baby

Use hand polisher
Unlocked Jul 30 @ 3:37am

Cleaning cloth cause cough

Use rag
Unlocked Jul 30 @ 3:10am

Sprinkle rain

Use window spray
Unlocked Jul 30 @ 3:19am

Set the seat

Use seat spray
Unlocked Jul 30 @ 3:24am

Dust buster

Use vacuum
Unlocked Jul 30 @ 3:19am

Daddy brush

Use wide brush
Unlocked Jul 30 @ 3:41am

Baby brush

Use soft brush
Unlocked Jul 30 @ 3:42am

Light in the darkness

Use flashlight
Unlocked Jul 30 @ 3:36am

Scrath like a DJ

Use sand paper
Unlocked Jul 30 @ 3:47am

Like a brand-new

Fix scratches
Unlocked Jul 30 @ 3:38am

Fix the seat

Fix seat
Unlocked Jul 30 @ 3:49am

It starts here

Finish tutorial
Unlocked Jul 30 @ 3:24am

Good start

Wash 1 car
Unlocked Jul 30 @ 4:03am


Get 2 rep
Unlocked Jul 30 @ 3:38am

First tool kit

Buy one toolkit
Unlocked Jul 30 @ 3:26am

Garage gearhead

Buy garage upgrade
Unlocked Jul 30 @ 3:39am

Finders keepers

Find unique
Unlocked Aug 4 @ 2:19pm


Take photo
Unlocked Jul 30 @ 3:28am

Long time no see

Open memory
Unlocked Jul 30 @ 3:31am

Burnish the tarnish

Use automatic polisher

How thin is skin

Use paint meter

Sponge no squarepants

Use sponge

Dunk the trash

Use trash can

It's all about the details

Use small brush

Recycling's magic trick

Fix trash

Good work, bodywork

Fix body

Through the glass

Fix windows

The wheel is clear

Fix wheels

Let me in

Fix wheels

That was just a warm-up

Finish game

Get rich or die tryin'

Make money
4,695 / 100,000

Tools of trade

Buy all toolkits

Shred in your shed

Buy shed car

Pimp my garage

Buy all upgrades

Welcome home

Buy garage

Speedrun baby steps

Car 1 minute

Are you still here?

Long session

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