Tim Zimmermann   Feucht, Bayern, Germany
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About me
Playing CSGO since Summer 2014
Name: Tim
Age: 18
Country: Germany
State: Bavaria
Languages: English, German
Favourite Games: CS:GO, Arma2, SC2, osu!, LoL
Favourite Teams: mousesports, BIG
Playing ESEA - 10-14 RWS in B+ - C+
Config: Create your own :)
Position: Rifler(Anchor) / 2nd Awp
Bans: Not VAC-Banned in any game, not banned on Faceit, ESL or ESEA
-TurtleEsport.Amateurs (BestCarpenter mave symo Fuyuwa Brainsouling)
-CastleWolves.Academy/Team TBD (BestCarpenter ozan :3 sabo tailor swagrid sacrilion loko )
-Netflicks (BestCarpenter MEINE loko azorxj ace)
-LightningSquadron (BestCarpenter Myxir PY CommarderFM TenZaPain)
-Mixed.Bayern (BestCarpenter azroxj MEINE mave ApAce)


-99DamageLeague Season2 Starter Division 10 - 3rd Place (Lightning Squadron)
-99DamageLeague Season3 Starter Division 21 - 2nd Place (CastleWolves.Academy/TBD) --> Div4
-ESL BayernsBesteGamer Cup1 - 2nd Place (cWolves.AC)
-ESL BayernsBesteGamer Cup2 - 2nd Place (Mixed.Bayern)
-ESL BayernsBesteGamer Cup4 - 2nd Place (Mixed.Bayern)
-ESL BayernsBesteGamer Offline Finals - 4th Place (Mixed.Bayern)
-SkinBaronPokal Cup 1 - 3/4th Place (Faust eSport Austria)
-SkinBaronPokal Cup 4 - 3/4th Place (Faust eSport Austria)

-PVPro Daily Platinum League 2.9.16 - 1st Place

Events Visited as Spectator:
IEM Gamescom 2015
ESL One Cologne 2016

My PC-Specs:

GPU: AMD Radeon 7970
CPU: Intel i7 3770k
RAM: 4x4 GB
HDD: 1x1TB + 1x3TB
Headset: Corsair Gaming CA-901127-EU Wirless
Mouse: Roocat Kone XTD Max Customization
Mousepad : Razer goliathus
Keyboard: Razer Blackwidow
Main Monitor: BenQXL2411 @144hz
Second Monitor: BenGL2450
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+rep friendly player :) <3
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Signed by ace
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Signed by Tailor
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Signed by YZMN i guess...
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Signed by ☆`gaMb1t-
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Signed by AZORXJ :PineappleGrenade: :veryhappy: :steamfacepalm: