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Fallout New Vegas is an excellent game. Generally speaking, I do not really play any games over 50 hours unless I really enjoy the game, and with 80 hours, I completed my first playthough of Fallout New Vegas, including the DLC. So in terms of time that you can get out of this game, Fallout New Vegas is worth every cent.

The game itself is fun and the questing system is enjoyable just like Fallout 3, which I have previously played. Many quests have multiple ways to finish it and there are tons of branches that open up from that. Additionally, Fallout New Vegas features factions which is an interesting a good addition from Fallout 3. Not to put an major spoilers in, but I ended up compeltely destroying a ceratin faction that just did not seem like a good bunch of people >:) But you can really destroy the balance with the factions with certain actions and sometimes they lead to unintended consequences. There is so much to do in New Vegas and so much to explore. The skill line, perks, and skill requirements for things are all just as good as Fallout 3, except that leveling up is a little too fast and easy in Fallout New Vegas in my opinion. The visuals and audio are good as well as with almost all Bethesda games so there really isn't too much that is bad with Fallout New Vegas.

The DLC for Fallout New Vegas are generally fun. The only DLC that I didn't really like was Dead Money because it was so dark and creepy for most of the time, even though I was overpowered by the time I went in. Dead Money just didn't give me a good feel playing it. Old World Blues and Lonesome Road were by far the best two DLC compared to the other New Vegas and Fallout 3 DLC as well. I personally liked Old World Blues the best, but Lonesome Road is closely behind.

Although I generally have no problems with Fallout New Vegas, there are actually a couple of game breaking problems. When I mean game breaking, I mean actually game breaking. There are certain parts of the game that completely glitch the game and freeze it, prevent it from continuing, or crash it. I installed a couple of mods (that did not change the gameplay at all since I like Vanilla) to fix the bugs and crashes such as the unnofficial patch. The mods integrate very smoothly with Nexus Mod Manager so it is very easy to "fix" the game for the most part.

TLRD: With the glitches and bugs aside, Fallout New Vegas is an incredible game that is a ton of fun.

Rating: 9.2/10
Recommend Price: Full Price (it's worth every cent!)
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