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I have impersonaters. Please be careful.
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My profile is not private and never will be. Please take necessary precautions that you are associating with me and not an imposter. I ONLY HAVE ONE ACCOUNT.

Always check these before trading me:

- My steam level is 120,
- I have 122 games,
- Cs:go play time 3980+ hours,
- Dota 2 play time 620+ hours,
- I have 855+ page of comments,
- I made more than 9800+ trades.

To make sure please check all those numbers


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- I will not accept your friend request if your; profile is private, inventory is private, inventory does not contain much value, profile is shady, or play time is low.

- I frequently clean through my friends list to make room for other traders but you are more than welcome to re add me for further inquiries.

- All trades are FINAL. I will never tradeback. If you are not comfortable with trade or if you have doubts then do not trade. You may also ask for screenshots and in-game inspections. Again, all trades are FINAL.
CyFeeDay ✔ Jul 3 @ 4:50am 
Check trade offera dude
Seidtzo Jun 16 @ 3:43am 
Hello, I quit csgo trading and csgo at all(cause of last update) so I want to collect as much graffities as possible. I trade my Karambit Doppler for 8-10 sealed graffities, so send me tradeoffer. My link in my profile bro
BT┊Haimoreah™ Apr 20 @ 6:33am 
Added for trade
Soviet Onion Apr 19 @ 8:30am 
added to buy keys
draft >Selling Games Apr 18 @ 2:52pm 
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