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Toad : bequest please post me on your profile for accusing you of hacking
Toad : along with your 5000 hours of gmod

bequest : hey gary
gary i need heroin : yes babe
bequest : if this wrench crits you're a little bitch
bequest killed gary i need heroin with wrench_jag. (crit)
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Individual. You are charged with capital malcompliance. Anti-citizen status approved.
Ears 30 Minutes Ago
An obvious living common trash waste of life, undoubtedly blind to Male beauty, with a Vac ban as well. What a ♥♥♥♥ing scum of the earth. Disgusting group is its primary one as well.

You have been permanently banned from the ʏᴀᴏɪ Hub.
You have been banned by a forum moderator.
Reason: "Random living trash blind to Male Beauty :)"


(context for below: mad 6-man group with 2 using cheats were trying to do delfy's badwater exploit, dominated them, then proceeded to get autobalanced and kicked me)

Egg, Hunter of Bequest A few seconds ago
Lmao we dominated you before we even turned on hacks

Egg, Hunter of Bequest 4 minutes ago
Kicked ya again lmao


AssHat 11 minutes ago
100% hacker , report this profile


MP Owain Glyndŵyr Apr 10 @ 6:18pm
most experienced sniper player ever, topped the scoerboard with a score 3x the highest on 2fort, not at all a hacker/aimbot user! not at all!


Bo : bequest hack or just good ?
Big Jim : hack no doubt
bequest : big jim of all people is hackusating me
bequest : kinda mad
Big Jim : lol
Big Jim : still beat your ass so not really but it was obv
Big Jim : well he had some obvious aimbot and wallhacks
*DEAD* bequest : think you're just mad you got headshot
*DEAD* Big Jim : >'I think blu has aimbot' 'no what are you talking about im not aimbotting'
*DEAD* bequest : the only thing I said was 'what are you talking about'
(4 votekicks are called and the fourth vote votes me out.)


Mr.Scout : bet aslo a vac ban for that 2 dollar aimbot
bequest : yeah i'm vac banned bro
*DEAD* bequest : that means i'm cheating in tf2 right
*DEAD* bequest : i'm definitely vac banned
bequest : that's why im playing tf2 multiplayer
Mr.Scout : yep
bequest : on a vac secured server
bequest : my vac ban is why i'm playing on this VAC secured server, right?


WeebOtakuWaifuKawaiiSenpaiOnicha 34 minutes ago
Plain Knight Just now
Weeb big shut up


highfrequencytribal Today at 7:28 PM
fuck you fuck you fuck you


Ears makes a stunning return after everyone on my team kicks him for being a furfag.

Ears : lol bye kids
GRIT Phantom.exo : bequest : An obvious living common trash waste of life, undoubtedly blind to Male beauty, with a Vac ban as well.


A fellow gay person gets mad over Phantom calling Ears a furfag.

bequest : 'furfag' and 'how much does it cost to clean your fursuit furfag' and 'yiff in hell furfag' are joke insults that's existed for years tho
bequest : you're getting mad over him calling Ears a fag when ears is literally
bequest : a. sexist, and b. someone who hates straights
gary i need heroin : yea so that makes it ok for YOU to say fuckface
GRIT Phantom.exo : Deadass called one person a fag who's been an asshole and this gary guy hops on his dick and attacks me
GRIT Phantom.exo : Less grinding his gay faggy dick and more getting angry and attacking me you homo
GRIT Phantom.exo : Hurry up and come over to me so I can dump my balls in your mouth too buddy
gary i need heroin : ok than b mad at him for that. dont gotta let ur homphobia out\


*DEAD* Pain : Bequet you're dogshit man
*DEAD* Pain : Meet me on any server fag
Pain left the game (Disconnect by user.)


[12:11 PM]
are you there?

[12:11 PM]
can i help you?

[12:11 PM]
i really need tot alk to you

[12:11 PM]
i don't know
is your account still compromised
your silence tells me it may still be

(De-adds me immediately.)


K. : nice hacks bequest
*DEAD* bequest : saved
K. : now gtfo


"He's not hacking bequest, you're just mad that you got headshot."

bequest : yeah luisito is preaiming, blue please kick them
mouse : no he isnt hacking
That One Guy Josh : it's almost like battlements and 2 doors are the only way for you to leave that base
bequest : he's preaiming my head and firing me before i even exit
mouse : i saw his view he is just holding chokes really well
bequest : he created his account literally 3 hours ago
mouse : he would be twitching a ton if he was hacking
bequest : untrue

bequest : i've played this game a total of 2.5k hours combined between this account and my old account
mouse : he is probs just a really good person who made an alt to look like a noob then pub stomp
bequest : mouse, i used to be a comp sniper
mouse : sureeee
bequest : he's preaiming angles that you don't preaim
*DEAD* mouse : bequest
*DEAD* mouse : he is legit just holding chokes

bequest : he's not just 'legit holding chokes'
bequest : he's instantly swapping angles the moment you leave spawn before even exiting and holding it
mouse : and NOW he hits a few headshots and TO YOU he is a hacker
bequest : he knows where people are through walls and aimed me through walls
mouse : no he isnt
bequest : and this is after 3 people in team chat accused him, one of them being me
Hendrick : my man ain't hacking
Hendrick : probably a smurf
luisito8381 : YES

*DEAD* luisito8381 : bequest as sniper = OP
*DEAD* That One Guy Josh : he must be hacking :^)
*DEAD* mouse : yeah
*DEAD* mouse : (⌐▀͡ ̯ʖ▀)︻̷┻̿═━一-
*DEAD* mouse : HACKER
*DEAD* mouse : HACKER

( luisito8381 receives a VAC ban on his profile, but hasn't yet been kicked from the server. )

luisito8381 : he is 2 god 4 me
bequest : hey luisitio
bequest : nice vac ban
bequest : check your profile
bequest : '0 days since last ban'
bequest : nice one blue team
bequest : ;)
mouse : nice winky face
luisito8381 left the game (VAC banned from secure server)


bone 9 hours ago
Virgin was calling hacks on me in a Gmod game because I killed him in T town. Stay mad.

(This was about ~30 minutes before this person was banned for hacking in an unnamed Trouble in Terrorist Town server. Your aimbot and autohop is shit and that's why you got ownt retard. Stay mad. )


Tiger, [05.01.20 02:23]
We are pleased to inform you that with the help of the SteamID generator we generate a random id, your identifier has been generated and
You have the opportunity to receive such items:

(censored link bitch lol stay owned)

bequest Just now
Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?
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tisukii Aug 17, 2019 @ 10:19am 
hes better than hacks
[Mynt the Derg] Aug 13, 2019 @ 11:00am 
ayy Good man +rep
Plain Knight Aug 13, 2019 @ 10:26am 
you are skilled gamer I hope we will meet again
WALkThe Earth Apr 17, 2019 @ 11:18pm 
Very skilled sniper and very kind too. Gave me good advice.
Kamper Van Helsing Apr 12, 2019 @ 2:14pm 
was better than me as sniper; OBVIOUSLY CHEATING (sarcasm)
its the pro Oct 13, 2018 @ 4:51pm 
very good at sliding around backwards