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A very well crafted and enjoyable multiplayer game.

Can be enjoyed with friends online or locally in a party environment and something I still can't help but return to from time to time.

If you enjoy light-hearted stealth with well crafted classes and a decent plot that you can pick up and put down whenever, look no further.

It has decent sale prices all the time and Steam Workshop support too!
Posted November 23, 2016.
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The gameplay feels fun and fluid for the most part (though a little repetative at times), and the fact that it has a proper COOP campaign is great (especially when most people don't bother these days). Unfortunately though, the game lets itself down at the last few hurdles.

Without spoiling anything, if you plan on playing through the story with a friend, the door that leads to the very last "level" of "stuff" boots you into single-player without choice. So if you've cried blood and tears on an awesome playthrough together, be prepared for morbid disappointment when you find your session is cut short prematurely at the end.

The ending itself is also fairly lackluster. Relying on quicktime events for the final scenes and forcing you to do a running sequence just before that'll have you pulling your hair out with frustration.

The game also has an annoying tendency to abuse the same situation for it's boss fights. It will remove all of your weapons and then force you to fight with something basic like a pipe. This would be fine for the first boss or two, but when you have a detailed crafting system and wide weapon variation, it sucks that 90% of the time there is very little point in crafting or upgrading them. I managed to complete the game with the first three decent weapons I managed to get my hands on, which seems wrong somehow.

To briefly mention, I'm not a huge fan of the climbing mechanics. For the large part they're fine, but while climbing upward is normally as expected, climbing donwards is a pain in the ♥♥♥ if you're on a high crane or spire.

It also doesn't handle restoring your weapons well either. You have to collect it as loose items again from a large bag, which means if your inventory was mostly full beforehand, it's a nightmare to get everything back the way it was due to held items not taking the same storage space as your stored items.

The story is somewhat forgettable and poorly written at times (we meet characters that are supposed to die poetically and break our hearts, but only after meeting them a few missions prior, thus we feel relatively little for the loss) and there are a few plot holes or things that could have been called back to for more interesting dramatic tension or resolution (such as the ominous green zombies that never seem to really return).

The music is pretty enjoyable though, mostly consisting of 80s-style synth drones.

Long story short; the game is fun when played with a friend, but the ending and some game mechanics are a bit of a let-down (Graphically it actually reminds me more of a game from around 2009, such as the 2009 Wolfenstein game).

I'd personally recommend grabbing a copy on sale at some point and running through it with a friend. It's definitely the best multiplayer Zombie title currently around. The actual gameplay combined with the multiplayer keeps this pretty fun for the most part, but I wouldn't recommend playing it alone. It'll get old pretty fast.
Posted June 22, 2016. Last edited June 22, 2016.
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My in-depth review of New 'n' Tasty:

Posted March 12, 2015. Last edited November 23, 2016.
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Fantastic graphics but unfortunately one of the most boring games I have ever played.

"Tomb Raider" attempts to reboot a franchise that had already been successfully rebooted several years earlier thanks to the trilogy of "Tomb Raider: Anniversary", "Tomb Raider: Legend" and "Tomb Raider: Underworld". If you've never been interested in the Tomb Raider franchise in the past, I highly recommend trying this original reboot series first. The characters and voice acting is impeccable, and for a game made in 2008, Underworld holds up graphically even today.

As for the reboot;

Never do I feel like I'm in control. Lara moves from one situation to the next through overly animated sequences, and I'm not even referring to cutscenes. Simply travelling from one end of a hallway to another can often be "hold forward and watch as a specific set of animations play to make this seem all cinematic and cool!".

Not to mention the amount of quick time events strewn throughout the game from every given moment.

We're thrust into a story with a bunch of characters that we are not given any enough time or back-story to care about. To which end none of which act logically. The combat is bland and repetitive, the linear level design is simplified to the point where simply moving through a level seems to be a test of how long you can keep focus.

Lara's new voice borders between irritating and just absolutely obnoxious, every five seconds the game feels it needs to remind us how vulnerable she is by constantly narrating random lines such as "I can do this" and "oh my god!", a needless skill tree and weapon upgrade system is tacked onto the game in an incredibly unfitting way also.

The main problem with this game is that it tries to take pieces of several other successful game series' (such as Far Cry and Uncharted) and mixes them all together in a way that somehow forgets what made them fun and popular in the first place. It never quite hits the mark on any of them and as such feels very generic and repetitive. It also flicks between realistic and fantasy at it's own whim to serve itself. In the opening hour we see Lara fall two feet onto a stick of metal/an arrow (I'm not sure what it was) which penetrates through her body, trap her foot by the ankle in a hunting "snap" trap (something that can break your ankle FYI) and fall down various mountainsides on her way to the next area. All of which without any medical assistance at all, yet she recovers mere moments later (hours in the story's logic, which is still ridiculous).

In a game that attempted to turn Lara away from her apparent and so called "misogynistic" past (something the recent reboot trilogy already managed to do to some extent) it has an awesome ability of making her look like a constant damsel in distress. The opening scene for example gives an internal dialogue about finding strength in times of weakness, then moments later has her pulled to her rescue multiple times by several male characters, already negating the pointless hollowing of a once interesting character.

The reboot also assumes too much about the players knowledge of her previous incarnation. We never learn much about who she is, why being a "Croft" matters beyond fan recognition, her motives, and so on, and thus Lara never really feels like a real person.

That said the game does look very good graphically speaking. The game does well in it's cinematic department and makes the whole experience feel like a Hollywood movie. The crying shame is, a Hollywood movie, is not what I want to play, and as such, one of the last remaining great video game characters has finally been laid to rest alongside Spyro the Dragon and Crash Bandicoot.

Thankfully we still have Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light, but I'm incredibly disappointed thus far with this new direction, and the near flawless reviews it has somehow received. I wasn't expecting to magically like it more than the previous games, but I was expecting it to at least keep my interest. It's definitely a game made for more modern sensibilities; no challenge, no gameplay, and incredible focus on "looking good" and appealing to a wide audience.

To repeat myself; if you've never been able to get into the Tomb Raider series, I highly recommend the previous reboot starting with Anniversary (then Legend and Underworld). Underworld in the least should keep you interested, but I'm afraid this new "reboot" is certainly not for me.
Posted September 28, 2014. Last edited September 28, 2014.
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I was very impressed with this title. The recreation of some of the more popular and fondly remembered pinball machines is very accurately done. Every sound, graphic and animation you remember has been faithfully reproduced.

In short, it's everything you want a pinball game to be!

Now for the negative; The menu graphics and fonts are large and clunky, and in general not very visually appealing, and changing graphic settings can only be done outside of the game, but both of these aspects can be largely ignored.

The main downfall of this game is however, is pricing. While, for a pinball game, it hits all of the right sweet spots, to be able to play more than just one table, you need to spend a heck of a lot.

To buy Season One (to essentially convert your "Demo" into a full game), it costs almost twice the price of Skyrim! Which is just not on.

Do I recommend this title? Everything in me wants so desperately to say yes, as it's probably one of the nicest pinball games I've had the pleasure of playing, but I'm afraid this gets a no from me. Simply for the fact that I can't justify the pricing. I would have loved to play more of it otherwise.

I'll be happy to change this review and recommend this title if the pricing is ever fixed. But until then, steer clear.
Posted November 28, 2013. Last edited November 28, 2013.
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